Tevatron End of Run 30 Sept 2011

      D0 Special Seminar Public talks

o  Higgs Searches - Fisher

o  Top Quark Studies - Deliot

o  QCD and EW - Lammers

o  B Physics and New Phenomena - Williams

o  Plan for the September 30th events - Denisov

      Celebrating the Tevatron
Streaming Video of the End of Run ceremonies.

      End of Run Banquet

o  Banquet information
list of participants, tee shirts etc.

o  Spokespersons Banquet Talks

o  Slide Show Pictures - Remembering D0

  Archive of all collected pictures

o  Variety Show Pictures

o  More Pictures

  Photo Set 1

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      @D0 End of Run Pictures
Official Collaboration pictures + End of Run in the Control Room