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What can be Shown at Conferences/Seminars:

Only approved results summarized in either a conference note or a publication can be shown at conferences and seminars. Approved results can be found from the "Results & Publications" page.
Exceptions can be granted with approval from the Spokespeople. In the case of exceptions it should be clearly stated on the slides that the results are works-in-progress and not approved. In general, numerical results should be illustrated rather than actually reported.  For example, mass distributions without peak values are acceptable.
Students at APS or similar conferences and those giving job-interview seminars can show their own analyses without approval but with consent from appropriate conveners. For funding proposals and talks, it is permissible to present unapproved results if members of the presenting group are among primary authors of the analyses.

Conference Abstracts, Presentations & Proceedings

Conference abstract submissions should be approved by appropriate conveners and use the byline "The Dě Collaboration" or "John Submitter for the Dě Collaboration". Similarly conference proceedings should use the byline "John Speaker for the Dě Collaboration" for Dě talks or "John Presenter for the CDF and Dě Collaborations" for Tevatron talks. Speakers are encouraged to give practice talks, usually arranged by relevant conveners. CDF should be invited to the rehearsal if the talk covers their results as well. Finally speakers should seek comments from conveners on their proceedings and post the proceedings to Fermilab-Conf preprint and to hep-ex (optional). 


Talks at Recent Major Conferences


2005 Summer Conferences: LP05, HCP05, PIC05, SUSY05, EPS05


2005 Winter Conferences: ASPEN, La Thuile, Moriond EW, Moriond QCD


2004: ICHEP, Moriond Conferences


Dě Physics Workshops


2005: Winter Workshop, Summer Workshop, The Tevatron Connection


2004: Winter Workshop, Summer Workshop, The Tevatron Connection


Recent Dě Conference Contributions


Abstracts submitted to EPS HEP2005 Meeting


Abstracts submitted to APS 2005 April Meeting


Abstracts submitted to ICHEP04, Beijing


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