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Physics Coordinators: Bob Hirosky and Boris Tuchming


Physics conveners mailing list and archive; algorithm and physics conveners mailing list and archive

Physics Groups (Meeting time)


B Physics, QCD (13:00-14:30, Wed) Marjorie Corcoran, Iain Bertram, Daria Zieminska
New Phenomena (Shared meeting with Higgs) Mike Eads
Top Quark, Electroweak, Higgs (8:30-11:00, Thu) Slava Sharry, Andreas Jung, Breese Quinn
W Mass Jan Stark, Hegne Li, Rafael Lopes de Sa
Working Groups  
Jet Energy Scale Dmitry Bandurin, Gianluca Petrillo
Common Analysis Michel Jeffre
Luminosity Marjorie Corcoran
V+Jets Michel Jaffre
Trigger Ken Herner, Mark Williams
MC Requests Coordination Tibor Kurca, Jesus Orduna
Data Quality Group  
Data Format Working Group  


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