Approval Timelines for Upcoming Conferences


Deadline for abstracts
(if applicable)

Document to Physics group

Group approval and Document to EB

EB approval for col. review

Full EB approval

EPS-HEP 2017 (Venice)

15 Apr

20 May

2 Jun

16 Jun

28 Jun

DPF 2017 (Fermilab)

12 May

12 Jun

26 Jun

10 Jul

26 Jul

We intend to show final results, with strong preference for archive submissions before or coinciding with the conferences.

These timelines are based on the DØ approval procedure for analyses and a generic two-week EB review. For many analyses, EBs may need more than two weeks. It is in the best interest of physics groups and authors to get EBs involved and to get document to them early!

  • To ensure approval for a given conference will be wise to aim for earlier dates for each step

  • The above timeline considers results for conferences and publication, therefore the collaboration review is seven working days long. Modifications to accommodate a conference note will be resisted and considered only in exceptional cases.

  • EB approval of replies to collaboration review is expected 5 days before the start of the conference. Results should be in final sign off by the start of the conference (at the latest).

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