CAF Analysis Packages

p21 release is now recommended to analyze runIIa data (ie p17 caf-tree).

Concerning common analysis tools, p18 packages are not supported and therefore have been removed from this page.
The old page containing p18 packages before we stopped supporting it p18 packages (obsolete)

For those still using p21.13.00, the list the same but for cafe and cafe_sam (analyzers should you the release default version in tha case).

P21 Release

Use p21.18.00

addpkg cafe p21-br-37
addpkg cafe_sam p21-br-06
addpkg tmb_tree p21-br-71
addpkg jetcorr p21-br-12
addpkg caf_util p21-br-129
addpkg tau_tmb p21-br-01 # Tau ID
addpkg tmb2ttau v00-00-02
addpkg caf_mc_util p21-br-149
addpkg emid_cuts p21-br-25
addpkg met_util p21-br-01# MET tools
addpkg eff_utils p21-br-27
addpkg caf_eff_utils p21-br-19
addpkg caf_trigger p21-br-82
addpkg lumi_profiles v2009-10-19 # (regular updates: use the latest available version)
addpkg beamposition v2009-10-28 # beamposition (package uhdated automatically, the most recent version is always preferable)
addpkg emid_eff v8-preliminary-01 # electron efficiencies
addpkg muid_eff v05-01-02 # muons efficiencies
addpkg jetid_eff v03-01-04 # jet efficiencies
addpkg tauid_eff v01-00-00 # tau id efficiencies
### new caf_dq tag to use the data/MC subsamples analysis scheme.
addpkg caf_dq p21-br-04

# For data quality packages caf_dq, dq_util, dq-de-s see DQ page.

All other packages should be taking from the release (p21). Note, that no p18 version should be used with p21.
Fabrice Couderc, Slava Shary
Last modified: Thu May 20 11:20:44 CDT 2010