DØ Presentations

This page is meant to serve as a repository of presentations about DØ. It will include talks targetted at the general public, other physicists and others. Most importantly, it provides a central location for stealing stuff from your colleagues.

Presentations for the Public

Title Author Date Download Comments
Life as a High Energy Physicist: made possible by E.O. Lawrence John Krane December 2001 .ppt , .pdf A general public talk I gave at the University of South Dakota (my Alma Mater) during the December 2001 Lawrence Brothers Symposium. E.O. Lawrence built the first syncrotrons, of which Fermilab is one. Like me, Lawrence went to USD for his undergraduate work.
The Four Fundamental Forces and Beyond! Jerry Blazey ?? .ppt , .pdf Describes the four forces, the fundamental particles and some open questions. Used at a hostel for retired folks and a colloquium at a rural midwest university and was well received. With acknowledgements to the Particle Data Group and their Particle Adventure web site.
The D0 Experiment Don Lincoln February 6, 2001 .ppt Fermilab Brown Bag seminar for Fermi non-scientists. Note: Don has many other very nice general-interests talks on his webpage.

Lecture Series

Title Author Date Download Comments
Physics at Hadron Colliders Boaz Klima December 30, 2002 - January 10, 2003 Lecture 1 (.ppt) Lecture 1 (.pdf) Lecture 2 (.ppt) Lecture 2 (.pdf) Lecture 3 (.ppt) Lecture 3 (.pdf) Lecture 4 (.ppt) Lecture 5 (.pdf) Given at the 9th Vietnam School of Physics


Title Author Date Download Comments
The Physics of b Quarks Wendy Taylor March 2003 pdf Given to a university (Simon Fraser University) physics department (mainly non-HEP) during a tour of Canadian institutes.
The D0 Detector and Physics Program Roger Moore March 2003 pdf, sxi Job interview colloquium given at the University of Alberta. See also the accompanying seminar in the seminar table on this page. The author got the job.
The Top Quark Cecilia Gerber February 20, 2002 pdf, ppt Given to a university (UIC) physics department. Introduction to the field plus focus on top quark.
Physics at the DO Experiment: Past Results, Future Prospects, Present Status Dugan O'Neil February 7, 2002 pdf, figures.tar.gz Given to a university physics department as a job interview talk. The audience was primarily composed of solid state physicists and students. The speaker got the job.
Millennial Physics at Fermilab: The High Energy Physics Program at the U.S. Premier Platform for Discovery Chip Brock 2001 lecture1.pdf, lecture2.pdf A very nice 2 part colloquium originally given at Bogota in 2001.
When a Proton Meets and Anti-Proton Don Lincoln July 24, 2001 ppt, A talk given to the Fermilab summer undergraduates. Intended audience, sophomore physics majors and junior/senior other science majors. This talk is a generic collider physics talk. It is designed to be projected using a laptop and projector, but will work without
RunII at the Tevatron Collider John Womersley ??? pdf, .ppt Colloquium in Zurich


Title Author Date Download Comments
The D0 Trigger and the Search for SuperSymmetry Roger Moore February 2003 pdf, sxi Job interview seminar given at the University of Alberta. See also the accompanying colloquium in the colloquium table on this page. The author got the job.

Picture Gallery

The D0 Collaboration
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small_white.jpg, big_white.jpg, small_black.jpg, black_big.jpg D0 logos
D0_Collaboration_July2002_large.jpg, D0_Collaboration_July2002_small.jpg, D0 Collaboration photo from Oklahoma Workshop, July 2002
small jpg, big jpg, gzipped eps Picture of D0 colloboration members in Feb. 2001
D0 Map , Flag strips and other maps Flags of D0 member countries (as of August 2003)

The Tevatron
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gif, gzipped eps Aerial view of tevatron with some labels

The D0 Detector
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3D (eps), cutaway (ps) , sideview (ps) D0 RunI detector
D0 upgrade (ps), D0 Tracker (ps) , Tracker Zoom (eps) D0 RunII Upgrade
gif, gzipped eps colour drawing of D0 detector cross-section
eps Labelled RunII detector cross-section Ann Heinson
eps Labelled RunII Tracking cross-section Ann Heinson
jpg, gzipped eps Fancy drawing of D0 silicon detector for RunIIa
eps 3d view of D0 RunII detector Abid Patwa
eps 2d view of D0 RunII detector Abid Patwa
eps View of D0 RunII Calorimeter Abid Patwa
eps Muon system Abid Patwa

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