Push the button labeled Tools on the main D0X menu bar. You should see the following:

Put the mouse cursor over the menu item and it will expand into more possibilities, described below:

  • D0X Tools

    Here you have access to custom-made X/Windows tools specifically for D0X. Putting the cursor over the D0X Tools label will show you the possible tools you can select - the display should look like this:

  • D0 Tools

    Here you have access to some of the standard D0-written tools for debugging - EZBANK, SET_CAPH, and bank print routines (such as PRJETS to print JETS banks, etc). You should see the following menu appear when selecting D0 Tools:


  • ZEBRA Tools

    Here you have access to a few of the standard ZEBRA tools for debugging. You should see the following if you put select this item:

    The functionality is basic ZEBRA, consult your local manual. Note however that for some of the functionality in D0X, you may with to change the ZEBRA PATH, which is done by selecting the Set Path. Note that the default is RECO, if you change it the new path will appear in place of RECO as shown here.