Standing Video Committee

The Standing Video Committee was created, at the recommendations of the Task Force on Video Conferencing at DØ, in March 2002. Its charge:

To serve as a standing task force to provide advice to the spokespersons and others on issues concerning videoconferencing, and to oversee the implementation of videoconferencing policies and recommendations. Examples of issues where advice is appropriate are purchases of new equipment, reconfiguration of videoconferencing rooms, and experiment policy concerning video meetings. The committee should respond to specific requests for input and should also generate its own issues and concerns. It should select a chair from among its members.


The present committee members are: Ursula Bassler, Ray Brock, Frank Filthaut, Roger Moore (chair), Geoff Savage, and Gordon Watts.
Past members: Ron Lipton, Tom Marshall.


We are not (and cannot be) experts in all videoconferencing related areas! Therefore, feedback on any issues, as well as experience with specific hardware of software, is more than welcome. You can send e-mail to the committee members either directly or using the mailing list. The latter is also archived. While archive access is restricted to subscribers (but DØ users can always ask to be subscribed; this is meant to remain a rather low-volume list) one can use the DZero Access "public" account.


The source for the video conferencing website is in /www-d0/WWW/docs/atwork/video. This directory is accessible from one of the d0mino computers. You must be a member of www_vid group to modify files in this area.