Meeting Etiquette

The following is based on past experience. Adhering to these simple rules should make life a lot easier for all meeting participants!

Meeting preparation

In general, the audio is the most important ingredient in deciding whether or not a meeting system is successful or not. This is even more true for the average HEP meeting, which normally uses electronic presentations. As long as meeting participants can access these presentations, the image quality should really be of secondary importance. However, this already implies some requirements:

Audio muting

It is quite hard (and costly) to provide high quality audio for large meeting rooms. As a result, we cannot simply act as if we are physically in the same meeting room. The following simple rule greatly reduces possible audio problems: mute your site, unless it has something to say. This holds for the FNAL meeting rooms, too!

This not only reduces the hassle of voice switching the video between sites when two sites are producing about the same volume; it improves the audio quality, for multiple reasons:


Finally, to improve the audio quality even more, speakers should wear microphones. At least in the larger meeting rooms, this really helps people at other sites follow the meeting.