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Basic Videoconferencing instructions

Almost all videoconferencing at DØ is through the ESnet Ad-Hoc service. The Fermilab Computing Sector supports the ESnet video conferencing service.

There are four basic ways of connecting to an Ad-Hoc video conference.

Polycom Connections

Using the polycom remote enter the number provided by the meeting organizer and hit the dial key on the polycom remote.

Phone Connections

To initiate a phone link to a video conference call the number below and when prompted dial the meeting number (82xxx, 85xxx or 88xxx).

ESnet Dial-in Number +1-510-423-9220 (do not call the DØ room directly!)

IMPORTANT: The dial-in service has a system-wide limit of 23 simultaneous telephone calls and so should ONLY be used to connect people without access to a computer or polycom to video conferences. If you are holding a phone conference please use the MeetingPlace phone conference system.

Streaming Connections

Streaming a video conference works for all three of 82X, 85X, 88X meeting numbers. It requires a computer with RealPlayer or QuickTime installed (both have free versions).

ESnet Streaming Sites mcu1.es.net (82X), mcu2.es.net (85X), mcu3.es.net (88X)

Computer Software

ECS Service 85X, 88X (see Ad-Hoc background information)
ESnet Gatekeeper gk.es.net see Global Dialing Scheme (GDS) information if your setup is registered with another gatekeeper)

IMPORTANT: Do NOT use NetMeeting to connect to a conference: it does not behave properly and will likely disrupt the conference for others. Users of Gnomemeeting should carefully read this page for setup instructions. Of particular importance is that Gnomemeeting must use the "Do not register with Gatekeeper" option (see the page for details).

Other Documentation

Further Ad-Hoc H.323 Instructions written by Sheila Cisko, or the ECS User Guide may also be consulted for quick instructions.

Note that all sites participating in such conferences need to be registered with ESnet. For more details, see (again) the Ad-Hoc pages.

More information about this service can be found on the Ad-Hoc pages. Some general information information is to be found on the DZero H.323 background page.