DØ Author List and Masthead

DØ Masthead
(last revised on 10 December 2019)

People with access to D0 computing and internal web pages should be listed on the D0 masthead.
Exceptions include short-term contributors such as summer students and undergraduates who will not have significant D0 involvement.

The one year qualification period to become a DØ author normally starts with a person's addition to the masthead.
DØ does not require any specific education or test qualification in order to be added to the masthead though your institution might.

LaTeX: main and data producing ps and pdf DØ Institution Masthead
LaTeX: main and data producing ps and pdf DØ Personnel Masthead.

Run 2 DØ Author List
(last revised on 10 December 2019)
Simple LaTeX Template produces the postscript and pdf DØ Run 2 Author List.
The more complex template for PRL/PRD produces the results shown on the Physics Coordinators Paper Preparation page:

The templates need only 2 files as "\input" when run through LaTeX.

These files are the ones which should be used for ALL except Limited Authorship DØ Run2 publications.

New requirment:Please upload author.xml along with your paper when you upload it to arXiv.org.
This will supply the correct authorship attribution for your paper to Spires. The arXiv/Spires people won't have to guess.

DØ Authorship Rules

Rules on Authorship of DØ Publications: Run 2

(These Authorship Rules and Specific Criteria first appeared in D0News, General folder on 6/7/94.
The current rules incorporate modifications approved by the DØ Institutional Board on
2/8/01, 2/8/01, 4/25/01, 7/26/01, 9/23/04), 10/1/09) and 6/16/11)

Limited DØ Authorship Criteria

Single Paper Authorship Guidelines (Revised July 09)

Instructions to gain authorship

Addition to the Author List is not automatic!

  1. Full Authorship (normally completed by the person's supervisor or Institutional Board Representative)
  2. Single Paper Authorship

    These requests should normally be submitted by a student's adviser, a post doc's or professor's supervisor or the institution's DØ Institutional Representative. But self submission is allowed. The committee will ask why the supervisor didn't submit it. But it is allowed.

Source Data

DØ Authorship Committee

Leo Bellantoni,
Frederic Deliot,
Alan Jonckheere (Chair)

History of the Authorship Committee

DØ Masthead and Author List Archives

DØ Masthead and Author Lists vs Time

HEP Authorship Survey Results

This survey was done by the Commission on Particles and Fields (C11 commission) of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP). The results include both the D0 only results of the survey, including comments, and the final report.

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