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Conveners: Thorsten Kuhl, Markus Wobisch and Todd Adams,

E-mail lists. Three lists are of relevance: d0-simulation, d0mc-developers and d0_mcrep for general, developers and MC representatives interests, respectively. As usual, sign up by sending an e-mail to listserv@fnal.gov with, e.g. "subscribe d0-simulation" in the body of the message. E-mails are archived here.

Meetings. Held bi-weekly on Fridays of B-week in the Dog House from 11:00 to 12:30. Videoconferencing is via ad hoc video. The number to dial: 853644 (85dogh). Meetings are documented on the  agenda server. Older meetings (before Feb. 2003) are documented here.

MC Production Catalog. A summary web page containing all the official MC production.

Common Samples MC. Common settings for samples that can be shared, CSMC.

Full simulation chain verification: p20 production release


Generators Projects If you want to contribute or just have a look, click here: Generators Projects Page

Common Alpgen Studies Aimed at defining and studying a common usage of Alpgen between different Physics Groups (Higgs, NP, Top)
Parton Shower MC Fixed Order Matrix Element MC Special D0 Generators MC for Diffractive Physics
SM, SUSY (essentially RPC), ED, TC, Compositness, W', Z', 4th generation,... event generator
LO Event generator fro multiparton final states at hadron colliders
By Hand
Produces events by hand
Event generator for hadron-hadron, photon-hadron and photon-photon interactions based on the Dual Parton Model
SM, SUSY RPC and RPV event generator
LO SM and SUSY event generator, plus Feynman "diagramics" tool
Single Particles
Produces single particles
Pomeron event generator interfaced with PYTHIA
SUSY RPC and especially RPV event generator
Top (single and pair production) and W+bb specialized LO event generator  (interfaced with PYTHIA)
Cosmic Muons
Produces cosmic muons
Pomeron event generator interfaced with HERWIG
SM, SUSY, ED,... event generator
Top (single and pair production) and H+jets, W+jets and Z+jets specialized LO event generator (interfaced with PYTHIA)
... event generator interfaced with PYTHIA?
W+jets and Z+jets specialized LO event generator
Rapidity gaps specialized event generator
  CD MC Database
Parton level MC events produced with exact Matrix Elements by theorists

W+jets, Z+jets, H+jets specialized LO and NLO event generator

NLO QCD calculations
interfaced w/ HERWIG

Generator tools

Infrastructure  Control Tools  Final States Tools BSM Tools
mcpp (MC++)
General C++ containers and utilities
Photon radiative corrections in decays
Interface between ISAJET SUSY RGE and PYTHIA
Interface to generators, fills C++ containers
Generator (+reco) infos Root-tuple
Tau decay and polarization 
Interface between ISAJET SUSY RGE and HERWIG
D0 C++ containers
Generator infos Root-tuple
B decay (New)
NLO calculation of SUSY cross sections at hadron colliders
Packages to fill D0 C++ containers
Tool to test generators executables
B decay (Old)
SUSY RGE code (not implemented in D0 yet)
Standard format for storing generator info
Generator level event filter (new)
Calculates SUSY Mass Spectra,  Sparticles Decay Widths and Branching Fractions, LO and NLO Production Cross Sections
CVS repository for generators steering cards
Generator level Event Filter (old?)
BSM Generators
Lots of Beyond Standard Model generators linked at IPPP Durham
Library for Parton Density Functions (up to 2000)
    Euro SUSY Group Tools
EuroGDR working group for SUSY related tools
Library for Parton Density Functions (from 2001 on)


Full simulation
The full simulation path consists of two programs: D0gstar and D0Sim. D0gstar is a wrapper for GEANT, and determines how much energy is deposited in the active areas of the detector. D0Sim does electronics simulation and pileup of any additional minimum bias interactions that occur in the same crossing as the signal event. In addition, the program D0Raw2Sim can be used to prepare real zero bias data so that it can be used instead of Minimum Bias events processed through D0gstar as pileup by D0Sim.

Release History and Verification of new exe's: Click here to see a web page that describes for each production release the changes in the d0gstar/d0sim code, and shows the plots that we used to determine the exe's are still working correctly.

Examples: for an example of how to run the full simulation chain on clued0 using mc_runjob click here. For more examples, see the mc_runjob web page

D0GSTAR Shuichi Kunori, lead developer Organization

D0GSTAR (DØ GEANT Simulation of the Total Apparatus Response) is the full simulation of the run 2 DØ detector. Note: the MAXOPT version does not work.
D0Sim no active lead developers Organization
D0Sim takes the output from D0GSTAR and
D0Raw2Sim no active lead developers Organization
takes minimum bias events and puts them into the same format as the output from d0gstar so they can be used by d0sim to do pileup

Currently, there is only one release usable for work related to d0raw2sim (making d0raw2sim data, using D0sim to overlay the output onto signal Monte Carlo), p14.d0raw2sim.00. This release is like p14.05.01, except that it has a non-standard CFT geometry. Please use only this for d0raw2sim work. Do *not* use this release for anything unrelated to d0rawsim. p14.09.00 also doesn't look horrible. You could probably use this as well.

Preferably should be used with Signal Monte Carlo that was made using plate geometry. However, to quote Laurent Duflot " although it should technically work on mixture MC, I am forced for that to divide energies by plate weight to simulate "live energy" and this probably adds to the uncertainties in that kind of simulation."

for an example of how to use run d0raw2sim, click here.

for an example of how to use D0sim to overlay the output from d0raw2sim on signal Monte Carlo (using mc_runjob), click here.

click here for certification plots and a list of changes versus release number

click here for comparisons between events with d0raw2sim overlay and standard overlay.

click here to get information about the processing of the zero bias stream with d0raw2sim

To overlay the pileup in the order that they occur within the pileup file (ie, without randomizing the order) when using only a single pileup file, do

To make sure it is taking overlay events in sequence you can put the debug switch ON and grep for # in the output file, it should look like this:

Full simulation chain verification: p17 production release

D0 Notes on the Full Simulation

Fast Simulation
PMCS Sarah Eno, Marco Verzocchi, lead developers Organization
PMCS (Parameterized MC Simulation) is a fast Monte Carlo simulation program. PMCS is factor of 2000 faster than D0GSTAR.
SimulationTools Organization
mc_exam Armand Zylberstejn, lead developer 

Useful Tools for making your own MC Data
mc_runjob Iain Bertram and Peter Love, lead developers  Python scripts designed to aid in running MC and other executables.

also try d0tools -h on clued0

L1 & L2 Simulation and L3 scripts. Web Page
MCC is a link to the Monte Carlo Production Farm main page.

Physics and ID groups MC pages:


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