Higgs boson radiated from a W boson feynman diagram
DØ's MC Generators Group, now part of Vjets Group

Conveners:  Joe Haley (Northeastern University)
Boris Tuchming (CEA/Irfu/SPP, Saclay)

and Lidija Zivkovic (Brown University)

W boson production with two b's feynman diagram

      Tuesdays, 9:00 am - 10:30 pm, The Hurricane Deck
      To join the meetings with IP video, dial 88hdeck or telephone 1-510-883-7860, then type 8843325#
      Agendas and transparencies (old)

      To e-mail the group, use d0-simulation@fnal.gov
      To e-mail the physics group MC reps, use d0_mcrep@fnal.gov
      To share information, add it to d0wiki/simulation
      Physics Groups MC Representatives
          B Physics   Arthur Maciel   (CBPF/LAFEX, Brazil)
          Electroweak   Patrice Lebrun   (IPN, Lyon, France)
          Higgs   Subhendu Chakrabarti   (State University of New York, USA)
          New Phenomena   Alan Wilson   (University of Michigan, USA)
          QCD   Darren Price   (Indiana University, USA)
          Top   Peter Renkel   (Southern Methodist University, USA)
          Jet Energy Scale   Peter Renkel   (Southern Methodist University, USA)
      Algorithms and Working Groups MC Representatives
          B Tagging   Bjoern Penning
  Sebastien Greder
  Tim Scanlon
  (IPHC, Strasbur)
  (Imperial College)
          Reco & Simulation   Qizhong Li   (Fermilab, USA)
          Tau ID   Anatoly Evdokimov   (Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA)
          V+Jets   Joseph Haley   (Northeastern University, USA)
      Algorithms Group home page

  Production etc.
      MC Production Group home page
      How to request production

  Generators etc.
      Overview    (5/12/06)
      PYTHIA    (10/8/07)
      ALPGEN    (10/8/07)
      EvtGen    (9/22/08)
      How to run MC@NLO    (6/30/09)
      The newest "Professor" underlying event tunes    (6/30/09)
      How to get metadata for p20 events with underlying event bug fix    (6/5/08)
      Which version of Alpgen is in which release? (including bug list)    (3/26/09)
      Which version of Pythia is in which release? (including decay tables)    (2/7/08)
      Information about Pythia underlying event tunes    (1/16/09)
      MC integration and verification web page    (2/6/09)

  How to Find MC Event Samples
      Common Samples Group's lists of CAF-tree'd files, created by Fabrice Couderc    (updated 10/21/08)
      By request-ID, created by Dennis Mackin    
      Generate your own lists with request.py, created by Randolf Herber of CD    (3/18/08)
      Web interface to make your own lists, created by Dennis Mackin    (4/8/08)
      Monte Carlo catalog project, created by Steve Muanza and Catherine Biscarat    (4/8/08)
      Monte Carlo catalog search tool with keywords: REILM = REquest ID List Maker, created by Steve Muanza    (4/8/08)
      Talk that explains the differences between the tools, Steve Muanza    (3/31/08)

      Simulation Group old web pages    (5/12/06)

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