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L3 run periods in RunIIb

p19.L3.02v15.00 -> v15.16221993 -> 225821
(June 13th 2006 -> Sept 29, 2006)
First RunIIb release, warts and all ! (No Layer 0)
p19.L3.03v15.17 -> v15.54 225844 -> 231955
(Sept 29, 2006 -> April 4, 2007)
No Layer 0, some tracking improvements.


v15.60 -> v15.66
v15.67 -> v15.80
v15.90 -> v15.96
231920 -> 231984
231985 -> 237079
237086 -> 240743 (April 3, 2007 -> March 13, 2008)
Layer 0 implemented, plus major bug fix in tracking
(skipping a layer in the CFT now works). Runs taking with v15.60
(231920 -> 231985) have a wrong DCA parametrization (affects b-tag triggers).
The online versions of p19.L3.05 and 05a are identical except for a bug fix in the tracking filter to fix a double deletion of a tool. For offline studies always use p19.L3.05c. p19.L3.05c can support both the old and the new CFT raw data format.
v16.00 -> 240390 -> 240392 (testing, Feb 2008)
240473 ->
(March 3, 2008 -> )
Major update to accomodate CFT raw data format change (also in p19.L3.05c) and v16. Ongoing.

How to run RunIIb TrigSim (for Level 3)

The basics:
Setup a release area (you know the drill) using p19.L3.06a as basis.
setup d0tools
Make sure you have an input file and a trigger list. The triggerlist must be called 'level3.sim' and it must be put in a directory called 'trigsim' in your working area.
runD0TrigSim -l3only -maxopt -format=[data or mc] -filelist=[whatever_you_called_it] -name=[some_sensible_name_for_an_outputdirectory]

The gory details:
How to run TrigSim using releases p19.L3.02/03.
How to run TrigSim using release p19.L3.05a.
NEW: How to run TrigSim using release p19.L3.06a.

Data and MC samples:
Please read through the comments on the sample, you'll save yourself a lot of grief.


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