) D0 Muon ID and Algorithms

Muon ID/Algorithms group

Conveners: Oleg Brandt & Dave Hedin

25 November 2011. Muon certification for IIb4 (and earlier) now available at muid_eff tag v05-06-00. Muon smearing for IIb3 data vs IIb3 MC has also been made available caf_mc_util p21-br-192
21 March 2011. Muon smearing for IIa, IIb2 and IIb3 in Angelo Santos' D0 Note 6190 now available.
31 Jan 2011. wzreco and muo_cert now v08-01-01, used to produce the Run IIb4 ntuples. Combined muID and trigger changes.
25 Oct 2010. New certification muid_eff v05-03-00 for data through July 2010. Updated caf_util/MuoSelector.cpp to p21-br-138 with eloss correction.
19 June 2010. muo_cert and wzreco updated to v08-00-14 with changes to trigger list, and defaul values for nsmt and chisq. MuoSelector in caf_util updated to p21-br-131 to include category "NONE".
31 May 2010. New certification for Summer201 available. Updates p17 and p20 with ability to use new definitions and lumi weighting in p17, divides into three data and two MC "epochs". vjets_cafe v05-04-00 with muid_eff v05-02-00, caf_eff_util p21-br-20, eff_utils p21-br-29.
7 Mar 2010. New certification note for the Summer 2009 extended dataset available.
31 Jan 2010. Sungwoong has picked off most post 9/09 Z events. See the recent data page.
20 Jan 2010. muo_cert and wzreco version updated to v08-00-13 and include bug fix for "lost" lumi info and adding Zpt and aco to the root ntuple.
13 Jan 2010. SPC files using new track_quality definitions and with luminosity dependences were released in December. They used muo_cert and wzreco version v08-00-11 in D0RunII p21.18.00 with muonid p21-br-13. Note this still uses the 10/10/10 ns cosmic timing cut.
11 Dec 2009. We welcome Oleg as co-convenor. The new track quality definitions (not quite yet released) are described in the p20 types and qualities link.
17 Sept 2009. Our thanks to Mike Eads for his three year effort as muon ID convenor. A sample of stripped Zs from the May 2009 period is now available (see the recent data page).
13 August 2009 The current version of muo_cert and wzreco is v07-02-00. This tag includes the data quality for the extended summer 2009 dataset and also adds the local muon pT to the tree.
1 June 2009. muon certification for the Summer 2009 data sample is available. The spc files are available in muid_eff v04-04-00.
10 Nov 2008. muon certification for Winter 2009 sample available. D0 Note under preparation. Current version of wzreco and muo_cert is v07-01-01. The spc files are in muid_eff v04-03-00. The change to the nseg3medium definition is in muonid p21-br-07 and in MuonSelector caf_util p21-br-85.
1 Sept 2008 Thanks to Boris for serving three years as muon ID convener and welcome to the new muon ID convnener, Dave Hedin.
28 June 2008 The current version of wzreco and muo_cert is v07-00-03. This version includes needed updates for the v16 trigger list.
6 June 2008 Updated spc files for the summer 2008 run 2b data sample are available in muid_eff v04-02-01.

Dimuon mass plots 12/2010

subsample of IIb3 data, about 1.5 fb-1

gif file

eps file

pdf file


Contacting the conveners

Past conveners

The email list for Muon Algo and ID groups is d0_muon_id. The archives are here.

Papers, slides and talks

Meeting agenda.

Muon Related Papers

Selection of recent talks and muon related notes

The good old days

Old Muon Algo Pages

Old Muon ID Pages


p20 certification D0 Note 6025 3/2010

p20 certification D0 Note 5824 12/08

p20 preliminary certification

p20 muonid types and qualities

p17 certification D0note 5157  

p17 muonid type and qualities

p14 certification D0Note 4350  

muo_cert plots (data and MC)

muo_cert  documentation

Muon related quantities in your data

Muon classes in CAF tree

p17 Thumbnail Content D0Note 4735 .

p13 Thumbnail Content

MuonId Wiki

MuonId FAQ

muo_cert wiki created

muid_eff wiki created


Recent Data and MC Samples  

List of muo_cert (Zmumu) events resulting from the p17 loose skimming

Good Run List and Data Quality

Old Samples

History and Plans

Current task List

Task List for 2004-2005  

p15 Plans , p14 News , p13 News

p17 task list

Muon System overview

Muon Software Documentation

Muons in the Trigger

Muon reconstruction in D0

Muon Examine

D0 Page
Run II Physics
Algorithms Group
Muon System

Mission statement
The Muon ID group is  is one of several groups charged with identifying  particle objects for Run II physics. This group's purpose is to provide tools for muon identification, combining information from all the relevant detector subsystems: the muon spectrometer, the silicon detector, the scintillating fiber tracker, and the calorimeter. The Muon Algorithm group is charged with providing software tools for describing all of the various parts of the muon system as a stand-alone entity. This includes muon hits, segments and tracks. We are responsible for the muon reconstruction, handling and implementation of muon geometry, calibration and alignment in the reconstruction


How to contact us

Current Muon ID/Algo conveners:

Michael Eads        x8884

Dave Hedin        x8131, 815-753-6483 (NIU)

Previous conveners:

Boris Tuchming      (011-33) 1 69 08 97 78 (Saclay)  or x6830 (D0 outback)

Raimund Ströhmer     (011-49) 89-2891-4168 (München)   or x3696 (DAB)

Gavin Hesketh                    x2573 (PK151)

Martijn Mulders                    x2351 (DAB6)

Stefan Soldner-Rembold      x6871 (Outback) or 011-44-161-275-4151 (Manchester)

Christophe Clement              x5400 (DAB5) or 011-46-8 5537 8673 (Stockholm)

Frederic Deliot                       x6830 (outback) or 011-33-1 6908 6628 (Saclay)


Meetings and Talks

The Muon ID group and the Muon Algorithms Group hold common meetings Bi-weekly meeting on Tuesdays, "A weeks" 9:00-10:30am, on the Hurricane Deck (DAB 3).
We use H323 Esnet Ad-Hoc video conferencing, at connection number 88 HDECK (88 43325).

Every body interested in muon identification or reconstruction is invited to attend. Please contact the conveners if you want to make a presentation.

Presentations from recent meetings: 

on the agenda server.

Older (before 02/23/2003) Presentations: 

Muon ID/Algo meeting
Muon System Operation and Software Meeting
- Collaboration week Feb 11, 2003
- Collaboration week October 8, 2002
Muon Algorithm meetings (until July 2002) 
Saclay Meeting (December 2001) 
Video conferencing is available. If you need a connection and are not on the regular list of connecting users, please contact Sheila Cisko .
The number of the regular telephone in the 9th circle is +1-630-840-2692. 

Muon Id Certified Objects

p17-p18 certification

  • The p17 fixed data processed through p18 d0correct is certified. P17 thumbnail content is described in D0Note 4735 .
  • The definitions of muonid type and quality is the same as in p14. See there for more details on qualities and type.
  • In addition we define three types of track quality matched to the muon (loose_track, medium_track, tight_track). Details are also given here.
  • It is highly recommended to use CAF to analyze the data
  • MC muon momentum smearing parameters have also been determined.
  • The certification is described in D0note 5157.

Efficiencies for certified objects

  • Efficiencies are computed for both DATA and MC, using the packages wzreco and muo_cert .
    • MuonId efficiencies
    • Tracking efficiencies
    • Isolation efficiencies
    • Muon trigger efficiencies (muon at L1, L2 and L3; tracks at L1 and L3)

p17 certified muons within CAF

  • The Description of the muon classes is here.
  • Efficiencies are computed for both DATA and MC, using the packages wzreco and muo_cert .
  • They are stored in the eff_utils format running the muid_eff package. The latest version to be used is described here.
  • Users can retrieve this information to correct the MC acceptance, using the caf_eff_utils package.
  • The muid_eff package also contains trigger objects efficiencies computed by muo_cert. The trigger object efficiencie are combined to give a trigger efficiencies using the caf_trigger package.
  • As of p18.08, a momentum smearing is applied while producing CAFTrees. The momentum resolution is different before and after summer 04 shutdown and the default in CAFTrees is the pre-shutdown smearing. So the user will have to (re)apply some momentum smearing using the ApplyMuonSmear processor to simulate post-summer 04 data in the right way.

Older Certifications

p14, p13, p11 certification: Muon Candidate

Muon ID version 2 (for p11 data) OLD!

    Muon ID v2.0 note ( muonid_v2.ps) root branch contents; studies of track matching, isolation, local p resolution. 
Muon ID version 1 (for p10 data) OLD!




Good Run List

Tom Diehl is regularly evaluating the quality of global runs, assessing whether they have muon detector and muon trigger operating conditions suitable for data analysis. The procedure is documented in DØ Note 3939 The list is updated regularly at this adress.
The list can be accessed via the Run Quality Database or via SAM .
Additionnaly this little Python script can build a bad (or good) run list

I (BT) am not sure of the following information for p17 data (and p17 skimmed data):

    In the query use the dimensions RUN_QUALITY and RUN_QUAL_GROUP. For example: (RUN_QUALITY REASONABLE and RUN_QUAL_GROUP MUO) and DATA_TIER root-tuple will give you the root-tuple of all runs graded REASONABLE for the muon system (queries are case-sensitive). 



Selection of some recent talks



Muon related notes and documentation

  • Content of p17 Thumbnail D0Note 4735  
  • Measurement of cross section times branching ratio for Z->mu+mu- in ppbar collisions at 1.96 TeV (Emily Nurse, Paul Telford): Summer 2004 Note 4689 .
  • Measurement of cross section times branching ratio for W->munu in ppbar collisions at 1.96 TeV (F. D??iot, G Hesketh, P Telford, B Tuchming): Winter 2005 Note 4749.
  • MuonID certification for p14 ( draft 1.0, Mar/4/2004, D0Note 4350 )
  • Measurement of cross section times branching ratio for Z->mu+mu- in ppbar collisions at 1.96 TeV (Emily Nurse, Paul Telford): Summer 2003 Note 4231 , abreviated version Note 4284
  • Content of the p13 muon thumbnail Note 4091 
  • C-Hole Scintillation Counter Design and D0GStar Geometry Note 4088
  • Muon Isolation Studies Note 4070
  • Forward Muon System for the D0 Experiment Note 4061
  • Helium background in D0 and PMT tubes Note 4056
  • The D-Zero L2-Muon Trigger Performance for P11 Note 4053
  • Determination of T0's for the Forward Muon Scintillation Counters Note 4026
  • Local Muon Momentum Resolution Note 4002
  • The D0 Level-3 muon filter Note 3999
  • Level-3 Muon Dynamic Unpacke Note 3992
  • Alignment of FAMUS scintillation counters Note 3991
  • Mini-Drift Tube Ageing Test with D0 Gas System Note 3974
  • The sign of Wamus muons reconstructed with Reco version p10.14.01 Note 3966
  • MDT Online and Off line Database Manager Note 3960
  • Tuning of Run II PDT deltaT Measurements Note 3950
  • Good and Bad Muon Global Runs Early in Run II Note 3938
  • Central Track Matching of Muon Track at Level 3 Note 3934
  • FAMUS J/psi Studies with Pre-shutdown Data Note 3932
  • Muon Segment Reconstruction - Linked List Algorithm Note 3901
  • Time-to-Distance Relationship for the D0 Proportional Drift Tubes PDTs using Garfield Note 3892
  • User's guide for the D0 magnetic field map access software in Run II Note 3875
  • Cosmic Ray Commissioning of the D0 forward muon trigger scintillation counters Note 3824
  • Calculations of MDT Time-to-Distance relation with GARFIELD Note 3797
  • D0 Detector magnets for Run II: geometry, currents and B-H curves Note 3792
  • Muon Data Formats to L2 and L3 Note 3537



Muons in the Trigger

Level-3 Muon trigger page

Level 2 preprocessor algorithms

Level 1 muon trigger simulator



Disk space on d0mino
  • /prj_root/1153/muid/ 

Muon Software Documentation

Complete (probably not!) task list

This list is outdated. Some of these items have been done. Some not.

p15 Plans

p14 News

p13 News

Code Checking Information

We have set up standard files on d0mino and clued0 to verify the performance of Muon code.

Please see Code check info for details.

More information:

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