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General Information

In September 2008, Trigger Studies Group and Trigger Board merged together and formed a unified Trigger Group.

The Trigger Studies Group (TSG) was formed in September 2004. This group provides a forum for presentation of your latest trigger studies and a place to influence and contribute to the development of trigger tools for the experiment.

Charges of the TSG group

Trigger Board webpage

Charges of the Trigger Board

Conveners: Rick Jesik
Liang Li


  1. Visit TSG D0Wiki web pages for most details:
  2. How to include trigger information in MC files
  3. How to calculate luminosity for OR'd triggers
  4. caf_trigger package contains p18-br and p21-br, we recommend to use latest p21-br for both p17 and p20 analyses.
  5. trigeff_cafe package updates: use v00-04-01 tag for RunIIa studies, and v00-05-00 tag (or head version) for RunIIb ones.
  6. Useful DZero Note:
    • Rick's techinical overview of v16 muon triggers (not in the form of D0 Note but as important as one)
    • D0 Note 5409 describes procedures used to measure single EM ORing trigger efficiencies for RunIIA
    • D0 Note 5783 describes procedures used to measure single EM ORing trigger efficiencies for RunIIB
    • D0 Note 5329 describes procedures used to measure single MU ORing trigger efficiencies
    • D0 Note 5587 describes procedures used to measure electron muon ORing trigger efficiencies
    • D0 Note 5093 describes procedures used to measure single JET object trigger efficiencies
    • D0 Note 4882 describes procedures used to calculate multi-object trigger efficiencies

Meetings Info

Bi-weekly meetings, Monday 11am-13pm, Hurricane Deck. Join the meetings with the IP video, dial 88HDECK or 8843325 (or telephone 1-510-883-7860, followed by 8843325#).

Agenda, transparencies and minutes (to upload transparencies on the agenda server, use password d0trig)

Old TSG Agenda, transparencies and minutes


Mailing Lists:
d0trigsim-users@fnal.gov TrigSim users archive
d0-trigger2b@fnal.gov RunIIb trigger upgrade discussions archive
d0v15trigger@fnal.gov V15 trigger task force archive
d0tb@fnal.gov Trigger Board archive
d0rug@fnal.gov General D0 computing archive

Physics Trigger Representatives
BNirmalya Parua, Penny Kasper
ElectroweakAlexey Ferapontov
HiggsMarc Buehler
New Phenomena...
QCDDuncan Brown
TopIke Hall

Trigger Tools
TrigSimWade Fisher
L3Angella Bellavance
trigger_rate_toolSabine Lammers
trigsimcertPhilippe Vachon-Rivard
trigcertcafNgoc Minh Tran
caf_triggerLiang Li

Useful Links

Trigger Meisters
Top Trigger Webpage
New Phenomena Triggers Webpage
RunII Trigger Upgrade
Run2b L1Cal Algorithms
Luminosity group
Previous TSG webpage

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