DØ's Data Quality Co-ordination

Conveners:   Alan Jonckheere (Fermilab) and Norik Khalatyan (Fermilab)

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Bi-weekly Data Quality Meetings:
Data Quality Hierarchy (click on colored text for details or names for contacts):

    site map CALON expertCALON CALOFF expertCALOFF L1CAL expertL1CAL SMT S.Desai,Z.Ye CFT CTT M.Corcoran MUON expertMUON LUMI expertLUMI FPD expertFPD RecoCert expertSoftware expertDeploy SAMrecocert expertSAMrecocert physcert expertphyscert DQChecker expertDQChecker dqdefs expertdqdefs

Data Quality Advisors:

Subdetector Contacts

Algorithm Contacts

Database Contacts


Plots, Figures and Studies

Links and Tools

Past Conveners:

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