Software and Documentation

DØ "How To" Documents

The D0 "How To" documents that are intended to introduce new users to the DØ software environment. You can learn how to analyze the DØ data, how to run various standard DØ executables and how to work within the DØ software environment.

DØ Software Frequently Asked Questions

Heidi Schellman's D0 Run II coding for Professors (Version 1.40 - September 9, 2001) provides simple instructions for starting Run II code development.

The D0RUG mailing list mailing list is for users to ask general DØ software questions, and for software management to send broadcast announcements, like computer downtimes. An archive of the d0rug list is available.

The sam-users list is for users to ask questions or report problems related to the data handling system, SAM , and for the SAM management to send broadcast announcements relating to SAM status, ENSTORE status, and version changes. An archive of the sam-users list is also available.

For information about computer systems, please refer to the Computing Systems section.

Software Development

The DØ software are released weekly ("t" release) for development and approximately quarterly ("p" release) for production. Each release represents a complete set of DØ software, organized into various CVS packages (CVS is the DØ code management system).

How To Use the DØ Software Releases explains production and development releases, provides instruction for use, and explains the files contained in a release. The Release Status section provides status (overview, build, freeze, and error) of various releases.

The development is broadly divided into four areas of effort:

The mission of the D0 GRID project is to enable fully distributed computing for the experiment, by enhancing SAM as the distributed data handling system of D0, incorporating standard Grid tools and protocols, and developing new solutions for Grid computing together with Computer Scientists.

Software Tools

Data Access

DATA TIER: DØ reconstruction program produces two output formats of different sizes. The Data Summary Tape (DST) contains all information necessary for physics analyses and reprocessing, and is designed to be ~150 kB per event. The thumbnail (TMB) contains a summary of the DST, and is designed to be 10kB per event.

SAM, Sequential data Access via Metadata, is a file based data management and access layer between the Storage Management System and the data processing layers. The goal of this SAM is to optimize the use of data storage and delivery resources, such as tape mounts, drive usage, and network bandwidth. It is used for all DØ data cataloging, storage, and access. SAM manages distributed data storage and access to users at Fermilab and at collaborating institutions.

Enstore provides distributed access to and management of data stored on tape. It provides a generic interface so experimenters can efficiently use mass storage systems as easily as if they were native file systems.


Tutorials on Software/Algorithm Development

D0 Run II coding for Professors
Heidi Schellmann (Northwestern University), September, 2001

DØ Framework Software
Reiner Hauser, February 2003

Event Data Model (EDM) Tutorial
Marc Paterno (Fermilab), April 07, 2000

Tutorials on Software for Analysis

Getting Basic DØ Data Analysis Tutorial
Frederic Deliot (SACLAY), June 2005

Getting Started with the DØ (Analysis) Software
Marco Verzocchi (University of Maryland), October 2002

Root-based DØ Analysis
Roger Moore, February 2003

How to use TMBTrees
Axel Naumann, September 2004

Common Data Format (CAF) Tutorial
Reiner Hauser (Michigan State University), June 2005

Monte Carlo at DØ: A User Guide
Iain Bertram, February 2003

Event Graphics Demonstration
Lecture by Laurent Duflot, October 2002

Tutorials on Data Access and Job submission

DØtools primer
Reiner Hauser, February 2003

Getting Data at D0
Heidi Schellman, October 2002

SAM Hints and Tips
Adam Lyon, February 2003

Batch jobs on CluEDØ and CAB
Roger Moore, February 2003

More information about the tutorials

Outlines of and additional information about the February 2003 D0 Software tutorials

Outlines of and additional information about the October 2002 D0 Software tutorials

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