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Getting Accounts

The DØ Computer Access/Security section covers authentication at Fermilab, D0 systems that you may want to get accounts on, accessing the lab computers, getting accounts, resetting passwords, getting or revalidating a Fermi ID.

Getting help and Mailing Lists

LISTSERV - Instructions for List Users provides information about how to subscribe and unsubscribe to mailing lists at Fermilab. If you don't want to subscribe, you can refer to the archives of these mailing lists.

D0 software environment

Unix at D0 provides an overview of Unix in the D0 environment as well as links to other Unix and security resources.

DØ Software Developer's Frequently Asked Questions is a collection of "facts" about running jobs, ROOT, developing software, and using Fermilab computers.

Heidi Schellman's D0 Run II coding for Professors Part I and D0 Run II coding for Professors Part II. Part I provides simple instructions for starting actual Run II code development. Part II is subtitled "Releasing your code upon the collaboration".

Complementary information is provided in Marco Verzocchi's tutorial: Getting Started with the D Zero (Analysis) Software

More information about Software and Documentation, including tutorials

Overview of systems

d0mino is the primary central analysis machine for Run II.

ClueD0 and CAB are the D0 Linux clusters. CAB is the Linux back-end to D0mino and is used mostly for running batch jobs using SAM. ClueD0 is used for code development and user analysis.

The D0 Farm web pages provide status, documentation -- this appears to be old.

DØ Run 2 Monte Carlo Production web pages provide information about and status of Monte Carlo event production.

DØ Online Computing -information out of date

PC Support

More information about computing systems


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