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D0 Grid

D0 Grid is a virtual project whose core is the D0-PPDG group at Fermilab and which includes off-site D0 collaborators under the aegis of various Grid projects. It's mission is to enable fully distributed computing for the experiment, by enhancing SAM as the distributed data handling system of D0, incorporating standard Grid tools and protocols, and developing new solutions for Grid computing together with Computer Scientists. Under this mission, the project strives to unite the D0 efforts from the multifarious Grid activities (PPDG, EU DataGrid, GridPP and more), off-site analysis work and other aspirations distributed throughout the D0 collaboration. The two main areas of work are Job Handling (including specification, brokering, scheduling etc.) and Monitoring and Information Services.

If you are a D0 Collaborator seeking to develop, or adopt, a working solution for D0 distributed computing that can be used by the whole experiment, and perhaps by other experiments, and/or if you are interested in Grid solutions for future HEP collaborations and wish to prototype or test a solution in the real life settings of the D0 experiment, you are encouraged to join and contribute.

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