DØ Run II Software Infrastructure

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Chairs: Alan Jonckheere, Laurent Duflot

The Run II Software Infrastructure Group covers broad range of topics. Various working groups have been formed to address issues within the charge of the Run II Software Infrastructure group. For Software Tools related information please look at the DØ Software Tools page. (Qizhong Li in charge)

Code Management

  • CTBUILD Review Report (ps)

    Coding Standards

    Participants: H. Greenlee, J. Hobbs, A. Jonckheere, L. Paterno, M. Paterno, S.Snyder, G. Watts


    Chairs: Lee Lueking and Vicki White

    DØOM/DSPACK (data persistency)

    Chair: Herbert Greenlee

    Event Data Model

    Chair: Qizhong Li
    Authors: Bred May, Marc Paterno, etc


    Chair: Qizhong Li


    Graphics leaders: S. Youssef, S. Hagopian

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