DØ Monte Carlo Request Coordination

Tibor Kurca kurca@in2p3.fr
Philippe Gris gris@clermont.in2p3.fr

MC_coordinators Time Schedule
How to Make a Request for Farm Production
mcp17/mcp20 Production Priorities
mcp17/mcp20.09.03 Production Priorities
p20.09.03 - CCIN2P3 requests to be redone from d0gstar
Current Requests (old)
Running Requests (old)
Current Requests v5
Running Requests v5
Current Requests v7
Running Requests v7
MC Production Statistics
Instructions for MCMeisters
Instructions to make tarballs
Instructions for group MC-reps
Current Software Release: mcp17/mcp20
Known mcp17 Problems
Farm Certification
mcp17 Production Priorities (old)
Past membership
Zerobias Samples
Sample mcp20 cross-sections
Farm Software
Group MC Representitives
Monte Carlo WebPage
Requests p20.15.04(gen p20.09.03) vs p20.09.03
mc_runjob documentation

Questions/suggestions/comments please contact Todd Adams
February 16, 2006