Monte Carlo Simulation

D0 Trigger Simulation

TrigSim is a program for running trigger simulation on either data or MC events. It has three basic goals:

DØ Trigger Simulator (TrigSim) Homepage

D0 Event Simulation

The full simulation path consists of two programs: D0gstar and D0Sim. D0gstar is a wrapper for GEANT, and determines how much energy is deposited in the active areas of the detector. D0Sim does electronics simulation and pileup of any additional minimum bias interactions that occur in the same crossing as the signal event. In addition, the program D0Raw2Sim can be used to prepare real zero bias data so that it can be used instead of Minimum Bias events processed through D0gstar as pileup by D0Sim.

DØ Run II Simulation pages

MC Production

DØ Run 2 Monte Carlo Production

Data Reconstruction

Raw data is reconstructed at the DØ central farm at Fermilab.

Simulations are performed on remote production farms.

D0 Farm Production Page



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