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Meetings and Forums

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Starting from 13th June 2006 we will have biweekly meetings on
every second Tuesday from 10:30-12:00 CDT: ESNet/VRVS video conference 883073776, VRVS room is announced on the mailing list.
Meetings are part of general production meeting.

Please find an archive of our email discussions at Fermilabs listserv archives.

Operational Tools

For driving data production on the gri tools were developed. d0repro Documentation describes the available commands. The recommended proceedures on how to use these commands vary with the processing effort and are described in the corresponding sub-pages.

Primary Processing

Remote primary processing has started on 30-May-2006 (Working on "cable swap data").

Remote primary processing certification plots.

P20 Reprocessing

P17 Reprocessing and Refixing

The p17 reprocessing has started on Friday 25-Mar-2005 running on SAMGrid. Bulk production ended in September 2005, on 24th November 2005 remote reprocessing ended. Plots on production speed and efficiency plots on the web.


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  2. Joel Snow et al. DØ Data Reprocessing with SAM-Grid, CHEP 06, Mumbai, India.

P14 Reprocessing

The p14 reprocessing has been finished in January 2004, i.e. all reprocessed TMBs are available for analysis. Also most reprocessed DSTs are available in SAM. The p14 Reprocessing pages will be kept for documentation and reference.


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