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Computing Systems and Operations

There are five main onsite computing systems that are available for users. They are dømino, central analysis backend (CAB), DØ PCs, CluEDØ, and online system. dømino is intended to serve the large disk-resident data sets and the SAM cache disk. CAB is a farm using dømino caches. It is intended for batch jobs only. Users can submit jobs to CAB from dømino and CluEDØ. Contributions from institutions to CAB are welcome. CluEDØ is a cluster of desktop Linux PCs contributed and managed by collaborating institutions. Window PCs are centrally managed PCs of collaborating institutions. The online computing system serves our data acquisition.

Central Login Pool

The central login pool is a set of identically configured Linux machines where users can login from off site, build software, run test jobs, and submit CAB jobs. You can read mail and run web browsers. There are currently three machines in the pool named d0mino01, d0mino02, and d0mino03.

Links to Current Information for D0minoXX

ClueD0 & CAB

ClueD0 and CAB are the D0 Linux clusters. ClueD0 is the cluster which is used for code development and user analysis. CAB is the Linux back-end to D0mino and is used mostly for running batch jobs using SAM.

Information about the ClueD0 Cluster

Running Batch Jobs On The D0 Central Analysis Backend

D0 Online Computing

DØ Online Computing

PC Support

D0 PC Support Web Pages provides information about user support, new accounts, new node setup, strong authentication, file services, web services, backup services.

Resource Management

Disk Management and Use at D0

Disk Write Privileges

Requesting Disk Space and Other Resources

Remote Computing

Collected Wisdom for Installing D0 Software

Dzero Offsite Analysis Task Force

Offline Administration

D0 Offline administration page includes system performance, status information.

Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring for the D0 Collaboration

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