Accounts & Access Account Request Resetting Passwords Obtain or Renew Visitor's ID and Kerberos Account

D0 Account Request Form


The following paperwork must be on file with the laboratory before your accounts can be created.

A valid Fermilab ID is REQUIRED in order to get or keep any Fermilab computer account.

If you are a visitor and you have no Fermilab Vistor's ID or have an expired ID follow the Users' Office ID verification instructions for D0

If you are a Fermilab employee or contractor and have an expired ID, you must renew it.

A mandatory part of this verification is that you read and attest by signature that you've read the Fermilab Policy on Computing. Please take this seriously.

The Users' Office ID Verification form with the required signatures, yours and a spokesperson's or specific designated representative's, must be on file with the Users' Office before an account can be set up for you.


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