DDD Debugger

ddd is a graphical interface for dbx and gdb. It is available on all Fermilab UNIX platforms as part of GNU gcc product. We suggest you use it instead of the command line debugger dbx or gdb.

Before you start the debugger, make sure your environment variable $DISPLAY has been correctly set by doing echo $DISPLAY. If not, in csh/tcsh, do:

% setenv DISPLAY your-graphical-terminal:0.0
To invoke ddd, enter the following commands:
% setup gcc
% ddd [options] [object_file [corefile]]
where object_file is the name of the file you want to debug.

After you invoke ddd, there will be a window poped up with title DDD:Command Window, Click Help menu in this window, click DDD Manual... line, there will be a DDD help manual window poped up. You can get all the details of ddd there.

Last modified July 1, 1997 by Dong Zhao