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How to request a KAI license through Fermilab (Issuing of Kai licenses ends on Dec. 2003)

Code Management

D0 Run II code management and releases:
cvs and SoftRelTool

Event and Code Browser:

D0ev (D0 Event Browser)dive into each Chunk to see the data structure and data value of each class in D0 events.
D0 Code Browser is based on LXR Browser which is a comprehensively cross-referenced and searchable code browser for Linux.
OO-Browser is a browser from xemacs. (Here is the instructions)

Graphical Designning Tools:

Graphical design, generate C++ code from class diagrams and reverse engineering tools:
GDPro is on d0mino.
Rational Rose is on pc NT.

Memory Leak Checking Tool:

Purify on d0mino
Insure++ (v6 User Guide)
Chaperon (works for KAI).
Other memory tools: LeakTracker works on Linux. Great Circle works on sgi, IBM and Linux, but does not work with KAI.

Debugging C++ Programs:

There are several debuggers on D0mino. We recommand TotalView.
TotalView, dbx, ddd, cvd


Gives CPU analysis results for C++ program.
How to do profiling

Analysis Tools

ROOT/PAW translator
NIRVANA (a Fermilab product)
IDL (a commercial product)
JAS (Java Analysis Studio)
MATLAB ( and its Tutorial )
PAW & PIAF Server

DØ Run II Tools:

copyd0om.py and copyevpack.py to copy, split, merge, and reformat d0om or evpack files.
D0 eBrowser interactive histogramming of D0 data, interactive root session and navigate in D0 event.
Analysis Framework from Root-tuples: Object-Oriented framework for physics analysis to build objects from d0 ntuples.
SEED: ntuple to Root objects converter.

Physics Class Library:

ZOOM group's products is available at D0 ( LinearAlgebra, PhysicsVectors, ErrorLogger, Exceptions, HepTuple, ZMtools, ZMutility and CLHEP)

Documentation Tools:

Generate HTML documents from C++ files.
Example of documents generated by GDPro;
DOC++: How to use it, Example(HTML, PS);
Cocoon Utilities

Old Software Tools Group's recommendations

Other Useful Informations:

Python | Kai | C++ | Mathtools | TCL/TK | SWIG | SNiFF+ | CORBA |
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