Getting WRQ Licenses at D0

WRQ is a Kerberos compatible X-windows client. It can serve as a replacement
for Exceed.

If you work for a lab or want it quickly....

To get a single user license for NT machines through Fermilab


Academic Licenses <-- cheaper but do-it-yourself

    Send an email to     They have two products

Exceed instead

Exceed 7 can be made to work as well but it is harder to install and support - if you are brave and
already have Exceed 7, check out


we strongly suggest printing the instructions as it is impossible to both read a
screen and do installations.  But it is accurate and to say the least, complete...

Comments 1) In 5.2.3 \\d0server4\apps\wrw  instead of \\Pckits ...
Comments 2) On Win98 you don't need to do the 'administrator' stuff in 5.2.2 and 5.2.14
Comments  3) I was able to get my generic myterm script to pop an xwindow by putting  (myterm --display %IP#% &)
when using the connection manager to make a kerberized telnet connection to onsite D0 machines.

FAQ 1)   make certain you have entered time/time zone correctly.

Heidi Schellman

Nov 28, 2000