D0 Specific WRQ instructions

from Alan Jonckheere - December 12, 2000

The instruction page from the CD on installing WRQ has some small but
important (and confusing) changes. To get the latest instructions, go
and follow the links to
   Chapter 5: configuring a Windows System to Access Kerberized Nodes
Print it out, you'll need it.

The direct link to Chapter 5 given in various documents, including
Heidi's D0News message:
http://www-d0.fnal.gov/cgi-bin/d0news?read__GENERAL__9553 points to the
slightly older (and no longer exactly correct) version. DO NOT USE THAT
VERSION! Those "slight" differences can be confusing as determined by my


If you have access to \\pckits\WRQ\ (in the FNAL NT Domain) use it and
follow *exactly* and carefully the instructions given on the web page
with the one addition that you *must* perform the step in Section 5.3,
item 3 even if you have already changed your kerberos password or you
won't *ever* be able to change your password via WRQ. You'd have to do
it via "kpasswd" on a kerberos'd Unix box.


If you are installing it from \\d0server4\APPS\WRQ, the directory
structure is different there. Don't blame Greg! He put up what he was
given. Why the two are different is another question.

The resulting rather minor changes to the documented installation
procedures that you need to be aware of are:
 1) \\Pckits\WRQ\ -> \\d0server4\APPS\WRQ\ everywhere.
 2) you need to login to an account with *local administrator*
    privileges. Administrator is only one such. At D0 most people are
    in the local admin group on their own machine so they should be
    able to install from their own account.
 3) The installation program for Reflection (*not* ReflectionX) is
    disk1\setup.exe, *not* si702eec.exe

The detailed differences are (as of 13Dec2000):

Section 5.2 Installing Reflection Signature v7.02
 item 2: add "or account with local admin privilege"
 item 3: \\Pckits\WRQ\ -> \\d0server4\APPS\WRQ\
         si702eec.exe  -> disk1\setup.exe

Section 5.3 Configuring Reflection Signature
 item3: \\Pckits\WRQ\  -> \\d0server4\APPS\WRQ\
NOTE: this needs to be made much more prominant. People should do this
whether or not they've already changed their kerberos password. If they
do *not* do it, they won't be able to change their password from their
WRQ installation at any later time.

Section 5.4 Installing Reflection Suite for X v8.02
 item 3: \\Pckits\WRW\  -> \\d0server4\APPS\WRQ\
 add item 12: Go to \\d0server4\APPS\WRQ\patches\. Apply any patches
              found there.
 add item 13: Allow setup to Restart you computer if asked. It might

A note on versions. When you install Reflection Signature from either
\\d0server4\ or \\pckits\, you are installing v7.02 at the moment. When
you then install ReflectionX v8.02, the Reflection Signature Manager
changes versions to v8.0.2, or claims to (Help/about Reflection). There
is currently one patch available. That bumps the version to v8.0.3.

Please send any questions, problem reports etc to d0_accounts.fnal.gov