The D0 Upgrade

This page provides links to other pages maintained by the various detector subsystems and other information on upgrade related activities. Some pages may be password protected (if you have an account on the D0 Unix machines, then use your username and password to access those pages).

General Info | Upgrade Subsystems | Run2/3 Physics Studies | Docs (PAC, Lehman) | Management | Talks & Pictures

Dates, Announcements & General Information

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D0 Upgrade Subsystems

Many of these are links to individual D0 Upgrade subsystem pages, where you will find detailed information on those subsystems. For a more general overview, see the documents section

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Run 2 & 3 Physics Studies

This section has a link to a page that has pointers to Run 2 and Run 3 Physics studies. If you have a new study that you would like to post on that page, please contact Ann Heinson

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This section has pointers to the overview documentation for the D0 Upgrade, including PAC reports, Reports from the DOE review panel (Lehman Committee), as well as pointers to internal reports and workshop proceedings.

PAC Letters

This section contains the letters from the Director regarding regarding his action on PAC presentations.

PAC Reports

The latest reports are obviously the most up to date, but older ones are provided for archival purposes.

DOE Reviews


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This section contains links to various locations with management information of interest to WBS level 3 subsystem managers. Access to these pages is restricted to D0 collaborators. This section is under development.

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Upgrade Talks, Slides and Figures

This section contains links to various D0 upgrade talks, slides, and figures that you may find useful in producing talks. If you know of people who have given upgrade talks which are available in electronic form, encourage them to place them here. The formats vary according to the authors, you will find a mix of Powerpoint, PDF, and Postscript files here.

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