B Quark Theses

Name University Thesis
Gene Alvarez Indiana University Beauty at D0
Meghan Anzelc Northwestern University Study of B0_s Mixing Using the Semi-leptonic Decay B0_s ->D^-_s mu+ nu
Cano Ay University of Mainz Measurement of the Bs oscillation using the semi-leptonic decay B0_s D-_s(phi pi-) mu+ neutrino
Paul Balm University of Amsterdam/NIKHEF Measurement of the Bd lifetime using Bd to J/psi Ks decays at Dzero
Chris Barnes Imperial College London Development of vertexing and lifetime triggers and a study of Bs mixing using hadronic decays
Daniela Bauer Imperial College A study of Bs->J/psi phi in the Dzero experiment and an example of HEP technology transfer
Steven Beale York University Flavour Oscillations and CP Asymmetry in Semileptonic Bs0 Decays
Ralf Bernhard University of Zurich Search for Rare B_S Decays
Tulika Bose Columbia University Search for B0s oscillations at D0
Enrique Camacho CINVESTA, Mexico Search for the Decays of the Lambda_b Baryon
Marco Antonio Carrasco-Lizarraga CINVESTAV - Mexico Measurement of the B0_s lifetime using the semileptonic decay channel B0_s -> D^-_s mu+ nu X
Wagner de Paula Carvalho CBPF, Rio de Janeiro Study of b-quark production in ppbar collisions at sqrt(s)=630GeV in the D0 experiment (in Portuguese)
Avdhesh Chandra Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Lifetime Difference in the B0s System from Untagged B0s -> J/psi phi Decay at sqrt(s)=1.96 TeV
Kevin P. Davis University of Arizona Measurement of the bottom quark production cross section in proton-antiproton collisions at center-of-mass energy 630GeV using muons with associated jets
Eduard De La Cruz Burelo CINVESTAV Mexico Measurement of the Lambda_b lifetime in the decay channel Lambda_b to J/psi Lambda
Regina Demina Northwestern University J/Psi from Chi Production in pbarp collisions
David Evans Lancaster University Development of Workflow Planning Software and a Tracking Study of the Decay B+to J/Psi
David Fein University of Arizona Measurement of the bbar Cross Section and Correlations Using Dimuon Events in ppbar Collisions at sqrt(s)=1.8 TeV
Eugene Galyaev University of Notre Dame Inclusive High-Pt b-jet cross section measurement at Sqrt(s) = 1.96 TeV
Jose A. Garcia-Gonzalez CINVESTAV Mexico Forward-Backward asymmetry in Lambda_b production and search for the Xi_b minus and Omega_b minus baryons
G. Alejandro Garcia-Guerra CINVESTAV-IPN Mexico Measurement of the Angular and Lifetime Parameters of the decays B_d -> J/psi K*0 and B_s ->J/psi phi
Olga Gogota Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University Production of c and b quarks in ppbar collisions at the Tevatron (in Russian)
Isaac Hall University of Oklahoma Observation and Properties of X(3872) at D0
Ivan Heredia de la Cruz CINVESTAV Mexico Measurement of the Lambda_b lifetime in the exclusive decay Lambda_b -> J/psi Lambda
Julie Hogan RiceUniversity Measurement of the Forward-Backward Asymmetry in the Production of B+ Mesons
Kostya Holubyev Lancaster University Measurement of direct CP violation in b -> scc and b -> dcc quark transitions using B+ -> J/psiK+ and B+ -> J/psi pi+ decays
Tong Hu Indiana University Rapidity Dependence of J/Psi Production
Jundong Huang Indiana University Upsilon(1s) Production
Thorsten Huehn University of California, Riverside A Measurement of Bottom Quark Production in ppbar Collisions at 1.8 TeV
Robert Illingworth Imperial College Development of trigger software for the Silicon and Fiber Tracker and a study of B meson lifetimes for the D0 experiment
Eric James University of Arizona Measurement of the B0-B0bar Mixing Parameter using Dimuon Events Collected with the D0 Detector
Manbir Kaur Panjab University Study of the Direct Photon Production with Heavy Flavor Jets
Daniel Krop Indiana University A Search For Bs0 Oscillations at the Tevatron Collider
Abaz Kryemadhi Indiana University Search for CPT Violation with the FOCUS Experiment and Measurement of the Lambda(B) Lifetime in the decay lambda(B)->J/Psi in the D0 Experiment
Pedro L. M. Podesta Lerma CINVESTAV, Mexico Measurement of the Bs Lifetime
Marcus Lewin Lancaster University A Measurement of the Lambda_b^0 Lifetime at the D0 Experiment
Philip Lewis Imperial College London Grid Development and a Study of B-flavour tagging at Dě
Chunhui Luo Indiana University Muon Identifcation and B physics Studies at the Tevatron Collider Experiment D0
Ricardo Magana-Villalba Cinvestav, Mexico CP Violation in Bs -> J/psi + phi using 8 fb-1 of p-pbar collisions
Thomas McKibben University of Illinois at Chicago A Measurement of the B0 B0 bar Mixing Parameter at the Tevatron
Chris Murphy Indiana University Inclusive J/Psi Production at DØ
Md (Nayeem) Naimuddin Delhi University Bs mixing oscillations in semileptonic decay
Vitor Oguri CBPF, Rio de Janeiro Inclusive Bottom Production in ppbar Collisions at sqrt(s) = 1.8 TeV at D0 Central Detector Region
Jesus Orduna CINVESTAV Mexico Observation of the doubly strange b-baryon Omega_b minus
Jorge Martinez Ortega CINVESTAV Mexico Precision Measurements of Lifetime and CP Violation Phase in the B0s Meson
Abid Patwa SUNY at Stony Brook The Forward Preshower System and a Study of the J/psi Trigger with the D0 Detector
Onne Peters Universiteit van Amsterdam Measurement of the b-jet cross section at sqrt(s)=1.96 TeV
Michelle Prewitt Rice University The Search for Bs-> mumu at D0
Jason Rieger Indiana University First Measurement of the B0_s Semileptonic Branching Ratio to an Orbitally Excited Ds** State
Anthony Ross Lancaster University Measurement of CP violation in B0d mixing using B0d -> D*- mu+ (nu) X decays
Ariel Schwartzman Universidad de Buenos Aires Measurement of the B+- Lifetime and Top Quark Identification using Secondary Vertex b-tagging
Andre Sznajder CBPF, Rio de Janeiro Analysis of b-Quark Production in the D0 experiment (in Portuguese)
Derek Strom Northwestern University Study of CP Violation in B0_s --> J/Psi phi decays at D0
Philip Vint Imperial College London Di-J/psi Studies, Level 3 Tracking and the D0 Run IIb Upgrade
David Vititoe University of Arizona Measurement of the Inclusive b-Quark Production Cross Section and bbar Azimuthal Angle Correlation in ppbar Collisions at sqrt(s)=1.8 TeV
James Walder Lancaster Univ. Measurement Of The Branching Fraction Br(B0s -> D(*)s D(*)s)
Gernot Weber Mainz University Measurement of the Oscillation Frequency of B_s Mesons in the Hadronic Decay Mode B_s-> pi D_s(phi pi)X
Leah Welty-Rieger Indiana University The Lifetime of a Beautiful and Charming Meson: B_c Lifetime
D. A. (Bram) Wijngaarden University of Nijmegen/NIKHEF Angular correlations in beauty production
Mark R. J. Williams Lancaster University Observation and Measurements of L=1 Orbitally Excited B Mesons
SungWoo Youn Northwestern University Measurement of Branching Rate(B0_s --> D(*)_s D(*)_s) and the Lifetime Difference in the B0_s System
Xiaojian Zhang University of Oklahoma Opposite Side Jet Charge Tagging and Measurement of CP Asymmetry Parameter sin2beta

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