Dectector and Triggering Theses - Run I

Name University Thesis
Jeffrey Bantley Northwestern University The D0 detector forward drift chamber performance and physics capability in the 1990 FNAL testbeam run
Ties Behntke SUNY, Stony Brook The central drift chamber for the D0 experiment design, construction and test
John Borders University of Rochester Optimization of jet energy resolution and response of the D0 detector
Sarah Durston University of Rochester A Study of Electromagnetic and hadronic Shower Shapes and Position Resolution and the Jet Energy Response of the D0 Calorimeter
F. Feinstein Saclay/Univ. de Paris Sud Study of a Transition Radiation Detector for the D0 experiment at Fnal
Terry Geld University of Michigan The D0 Intercryostat detector: Design and Considerations and Test Beam Studies and Initial Performance
Robert Hirosky Univesity of Rochester Response of D0- U L-Ar Calorimeters at low Energies and the Effect of Oxygen Contamination on Observed Signals
Robert Kehoe University of Notre Dame Search for the Top Quark in Dielectron Final States at 1.8 TeV and Measurement of the Response of the D0 U/LAr Calorimeter to Jets
Jonathan Kotcher New York University Response of the D0 Calorimeter Detector to Cosmic Ray Muons
Aurélien Mendes Centre de Physique des Particules de Marseille Recherche du partenaire supersymétrique du quark top dans le canal stop1 -> b+snu+e(mu) au sein de l'expérience D0 auprès du Tevatron. Calibration du calorimètre électromagnétique de D0.
Bo Pi Michigan State University A Measurement of the e/pu Ratio Difference Between Short (250ns) and Long(2.2 micro s) Integration Times with the D0 Detector

Detector and Triggering Theses - Run II

Name University Thesis
Jerome Coss Université Lyon Jet Energy Scale at D0 (in French)
Pierre-Antoine Delsart Université Lyon Search for H/A->tau+mu at hadron colliders and D0 calorimeter intercalibration at Tevatron Run II (in French)
Johannes Elmsheuser LPM Munich Search for the Higgs Boson in H->WW Decays at the D0 Experiment and Precise Muon Tracking
Eric Kajfasz Université de la Méditerranée, Marseille Habilitation thesis on Neutrino Oscillations at the Bugey Reactor, Top Discovery in CDF, and the D0 SMT (in French)
Robert Illingworth Imperial College Development of trigger software for the Silicon and Fiber Tracker and a study of B meson lifetimes for the D0 experiment
Abid Patwa SUNY at Stony Brook The Forward Preshower System and a Study of the J/psi Trigger with the D0 Detector
Lars Sonnenschein University of Paris VI Habilitation thesis on STT and Higgs searches in WH production(in French)
Igor Vasilyev Institute for High Energy Physics, Russia Trigger Detectors of the Forward Muon System for the D0 Experiment
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