QCD Theses

Name University Thesis
Brad Abbott New York University Jet transverse energy shape in pbarp collisions
Jean-Laurent Agram Universite de Haute Alsace Measurement of the inclusive jet cross section at D0 Run II (in French)
Mahsana Ahsan Kansas State University Measurement of the Production Rate of the Charm Jet Recoiling against the W Boson
Richard Astur Michigan State University A study of the ability of the D0detector to measure the single jet inclusive cross section
Scott Atkins Louisiana Tech University Event Shapes in p anti-p Collisions at sqrt(s) = 1.96 TeV
Levan Babukhadia University of Arizona Rapidity Dependence of the Single Inclusive Jet Cross Section in ppbar Collisions at sqrt(s) = 1.8 TeV with the D0 Detector
John Balderston University of Hawaii Investigation of heavy quark production by gluon splitting from analysis of muons in QCD jets at the D0 detector
Mrinmoy Bhattacharjee Delhi University Transverse energy and cone size dependance of the inclusive jet cross section at center of mass energy of 1.8 TeV
Xuebing Bu University of Science and Technology of China H->gammagamma search and direct photon pair production differential cross section measurement
Kiran Chakravathula Louisiana Tech University Study of Jet Transverse Momentum and Jet Rapidity Dependence on Diijet Azimuthal Decorrelations
Wei Chen SUNY, Stony Brook Isolated Direct Double Photon Production in pbarp collisions at sqrt(s) = 1.9 TeV with the D0 Detector"
Linda Coney University of Notre Dame Difractive W and Z boson production in pp collisions
David Cullen-Vidal Brown University Collor coherence radiation in multi-jet events from proton-antiproton collisions at the D0 detector
Gregory Arthur Davis University of Rochester First Measurement of the Differential Inclusive Cross Section for Jet Production at DZero Run II
Gian Di Loreto Michigan State University The Triple differential di-jet cross section at sqrt(s)=1.8TeV
Dan Duggan Florida State University Measurement of photon+b+X and photon+c+X production cross sections
Joshua Dyer Michigan State University Measurement of the Diphoton Differential Cross-Section
Tamsin Edwards University of Manchester Diffractively produced Z bosons in the muon decay channel and the measurement of the efficiency of the D0 Run II Luminosity Monitor
Victor Daniel Elvira Universidad de Buenos Aires Measurement of the Inclusive Jet Cross Sections at sqrt(s) = 1.8 TeV with the D0 Detector
Sal Fahey Michigan State University Direct Photon Production at sqrt(s)=1.8TeV
Kathy Fatyga University of Rochester Di-Jet Angular Distributions
Kate Frame Michigan State University Implementation and calibration of a K jet finding algorithm for use in pp collisions
Eugene Galyaev University of Notre Dame Inclusive High-Pt b-jet cross section measurement at Sqrt(s) = 1.96 TeV
Georgy Golovanov JINR Dubna Multiple parton interactions in ppbar collisions in the D0 experiment at the Tevatron collider (in Russian)
Sebastian Grinstein Universidad de Buenos Aires The Inclusive Jet Cross Section using the kT Algorithm
Ki Suk Hahn University of Rochester Multijet Cross Section Ratios in Proton-Antiproton Collisions
Christina Hebert Kansas University Search for New Particles Decaying into Two-jets
Zdenek Hubacek Czech Technical University, Prague Measurement of the Three-Jet Mass Cross Section
Jorge Andrés Molina Insfran CBPF, Rio de Janeiro Study of Elastic Scattering at sqrt(s)=1.96 TeV with the Forward Proton Detector (in Portuguese)
James Jaques University of Notre Dame Study of Color Coherence Effects in ppbar Collisions at 1.8 TeV
Steve Jerger Michigan State University Inclusive Direct Photon Production in the Central and Forward Rapidity Regions in Proton-AntiProton Collisions
Ana Carolina dos Santos Assis Jesus State University of Rio de Janeiro Diffractive Jpsi Production in the Dzero Experiment (in Portuguese)
Soon Yung Jun Northwestern University The azimutal decorrelation of jets widely separated in rapidity
John Krane University of Nebraska The Ratio of Inclusive Jet Cross Sections at sqrt(s) = 630 GeV and sqrt(s) = 1800 GeV
Chang Lyong Kim Korea University A Study of the Azimuthal Decorrelation between Jets with Large Rapidity Separation
Alexander Kupco Charles University, Prague Inclusive Dijet Mass Cross Section
José Guilherme Rocha de Lima CBPF, Rio de Janeiro Study on the Inclusive Production Cross Section of Forward Muons in ppbar Collisions at sqrt(s) = 1.8 TeV
Yi-Cheng Liu Northwestern University Measurement of Direct Photon Cross Section in the Forward Pseudorapidity Region at DØ
Lydia Lobo Imperial College London Jet Energy Scale Studies and the Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson in the Channel ZH -> nbar nu bbar b at Dě
Robert Madden Florida State University Direct Photon Production and Search for Excited Quarks with the DØ Detector
Helena Brandão Malbouisson State University of Rio de Janeiro Antiproton structure function in p-pbar diffractive interactions at sqrt(s) = 1.96 TeV (in portuguese)
Kristal Mauritz Iowa State University Hard Single Diffraction in ppbar Collisions at 1800 and 630 GeV Center of Mass Energies
Brent J. May University of Arizona Rapidity Gaps Between Jets in ppbar Collisions at 1.8 TeV
Luis Mendoza Universidad de los Andes Diffractive Z/gamma* --> mu+mu- boson production in proton - antiproton collisions
Andrew Milder University of Arizona Dijet Angular Distributions at 1800 GeV Using the DØ Detector
James Monk University of Manchester A study of Central Exclusive Production
Freedy Nang Brown University The Measurement of the Inclusive Triple Differential Dijet
Henrik Nilsen University of Freiburg Studying Z/gamma*+Jet Production
Arnab Pal University of Texas, Arlington Measurement of the single diffractive differential cross section
Jill Perkins University of Texas, Austin Probing Color-Singlet Exchange in ppbar Collisions at sqrt(s)=630 GeV and 1800 GeV
Murilo Santana Rangel CBPF, Rio de Janeiro Exclusive Dijet Production in Double Pomeron Events in the Dzero Experiment (in Portuguese)
Renata Figueiredo Rodrigues State University of Rio de Janeiro Measurement of the event fraction of inclusive double pomeron exchange in central dijet production (in Portuguese)
Mandy Rominsky University of Oklahoma Measurement of the Double Differential Dijet Mass Cross Section
Paul Rubinov SUNY, Stony Brook Measurement of the Direct Photon Angular Distribution at D0
Christopher Shaffer Florida State University Direct Photon Plus One and Two Jet(s) Production
Kenneth Smith SUNY, Buffalo sigma(ppbar->Z+b-jet)/sigma(ppbar->Z+jet) in the dilepton final states
Robert Snihur Northwestern university Subjet multiplicity of quark and gluon jets reconstructed with the k algorithm in pp collisions
Veronica Sorin Universidad de Buenos Aires Measurement of the Dijet Transverse Thrust Distribution in ppbar Collisions
Michael Strang University of Texas at Arlington First observation of dijet events with an antiproton tag at sqrt(s)=1.96 TeV using the D0 Forward Proton Detector
Tracy Taylor Thomas Northwestern University Strongly-Interacting Color-Singlet Exchange in pbarp Collisions at sqrt(s)=1800 GeV?
Alexander Verkheev JINR Study of the processes with the direct photon and associated jets (Thesis in Russian)
Mikko Voutilainen Helsinki University of Technology and Saclay/Univ. de Paris-Sud 1 Measurement of the inclusive jet cross section at D0
Jae Yu SUNY, Stony Brook Determination of the Strong Coupling Constant (alpha_s) and a Test of Perturbative QCD Using W + Jets Processes in the DØ Detector
Yeonsik Yu Seoul National University Search for the double parton scattering with Neural Network

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