DØ Run II Frameworks

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This group is charged with designing and implementing Frameworks to be used for Run II offline code_development/reconstruction/event_display/analyses etc.

Chair: Qizhong Li

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Batch Framework:

User Guide on the batch framework.

Documents on the I/O packages.

Step by step instructions for making a package, linking, running the framework, hints and advice (HTML, PS).

The Run II framework is ready to be used (since 4/98). The framework group also provides several I/O packages for the users. They are: NewEvent, ReadEvent, WriteEvent, DumpEvent and MergeEvent .

Use of CTEST to build a package.

  • Modified design for batch framework (J. Kowalkowski presented at 3/12/98 framework meeting).

  • Hook List (what we agreed on 2/4/98 meeting).

    Analyze package

  • Analyze package can be used as a template for running simple analysis programs using the new framework. It is released in D0RunII release t00.17.00. Give it a try, you will see how easy it is to have your own analysis program using the new framework and get N-tuples in the D0 Run II environment.

    Run II Error Handling Discussions

  • Run II ErrorLogger

    GUI Discussions

    ... coming soon ...



    There are many ideas about what the Run II Framework should be. If you are interested in the D0 Run II Frameworks, please join the Framework group discussions. Here are some proposals we have discussed. Blue Bar

    Framework Prototype

    A Framework Prototype created by S. Snyder and G. Watts in 1996 Blue Bar

    Meeting Schedules

    • New meeting schedule: Starting June 1998, the framework group meeting is changed to biweekly on Wednesday 11:00-12:30 at Ninth Circle.

      If anyone would like to attend remotely through video link, please send mail to qzli@fnal.gov at least one day before the meeting.

      past meetings

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    link to old Framework page (HTML)

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