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Control Room Operations

Current Run Plan
Control Room Procedures
Control Room e-log
Master Call List

Checklists and Forms

DØ Shift Calendar: all shifts month, day

DØ Shift Requirements for the second half of 2010

Data Taking, Luminosity, Trigger Rates

Status of Run II Data Taking (xls)
Run II Bests
Run II Stores & Runs

Online Data Monitoring & Examines:
Live Event Display, Physics Examine, Trigger Examine

Luminosity Home, Summary Report, All Reports, LDB Reports

Trigger Rates for the current store (auto update) and previous stores

Meetings & Mailing Lists

DØ Operations Meeting (agenda server)
(older operations meetings)

All Experimenters' Meeting: , CDF, Accelerator

Subscribe to Mailing Lists: D0shifters, D0shiftsummary, D0operations
List Archives (list of archives):
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Safety Information

Controlled and supervised access procedures
Study Guides: DØ Hazard Awareness, Rad Worker, Rad Source, Controlled Access

Emergency Call List 
Call List for Electrical Issues 

VESDA Safety System
VESDA & Halon Summary

DØ Run II Procedures and Safety Docs
Resetting Trips Due to Water Drip Detection

ES&H Training Page FNAL
Individual ES&H Training Report FNAL
Temporary TLD badges FNAL
Dosimetry Program FNAL
ES&H Review Criteria
Electrical Safety Review Guidelines


DAQ Shifter's Page,
DAQ Shifter Call List
Shift Captain's Page
GM Shifter's Page
Shifter Tutorials

Subsystems: L2, L3DAQ, Luminosity, SMT, STT, CFT, CTT, CAL/MUO, ICD, TRK

Trigger Board, Trigger Meister and Trigger Commissioning

L3 Farm Performance

Daily daqAI logfiles and Alarm Summaries

Luminosity: HV control, ACNET Feedback
Platform & MCH Phone List
MCH Crate List
Rack Monitor Interface: Platform, MCH
MCH1 Instructions: Trigger Framework, Master Clock, L1 CAL

Beams & CDF

Beams Division: Operations Schedule Run II Upgrade
Beams Status (Ch 13)
MCR eLog FNAL, (Proxy)
Machine logs FNAL AD Run Coor FNAL
Accelerator Updates, Early Bird Report
Shot Data Analysis(SDA)
Run II Luminosity Status Plots
Explanation of accelerator states and in particular the shot setup sequence
Mont's Accelerator Page (Useful summary of BD Operations)

CDF: Operations Manager's Page, CDF Online, shift elog
CDF luminosity status: Manual/ DB, online event display

Computing & Software

Controls and Monitoring Group
Channel Archiver

Good Runs from Online
Run Database Query Trigger Database
Online Data Status
Last N Files to tape: 10, 100, 1000, 2000
Online Logbook: (Global and Local Only)
Control Room Logbook Documentation: Home, Users Guide

Computing & Software
Reconstruction: Home, Current Version
Farms: Home
Data Quality: Data Quality Page Run Quality Database
SAM: Help, Browse
Enstore Data Storage System
DØ Graphics (event display)

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