Can't access D0CVS - updated

The old repository has been disabled
1 Apr 2006

If you get "permission denied" errors to a "cvs checkout" or "addpkg" command, the cause is most likely that you have an old checkout in your working area that contains a CVS/Root file pointing to the old repository. This will override your CVSROOT settings. To fix it follow the instructions below under the 17 Jan 2006 heading, or just:
    cd <your-working-area>
    setup d0cvs                  # v2_0 or greater
If the problem presists, go to the problems section below.

Anonymous ReadOnly access available
4 Apr 2006

Anonymous ReadOnly access is availabe to the D0 cvs repository. To use it set:
    CVS_RSH= whatever you prefer, ssh or an ssh wrapper is recommended, 
             see below.
NOTE: if you checkout a package readonly you will not be able to make changes and check them back in. But this can be useful if you know that you won't want to do that.

Switching to the new cvs repository machine
17 Jan 2006

We have moved the DØ cvs repository to a new, much faster machine. For the vast majority of users, this is all they need to do.

If you have problems


If you get "permission denied" errors to "cvs checkout" or "addpkg" commands go to the 1 Apr 2006 section above.


Some people have not been able to establish a connection to the new machine at all.

Need to register for RSA (unkerberized) ssh access

If your machine is not kerberized (no Fermi kerberized ssh or rsh) you need to register your ssh public key (RSA 1). All you need do is generate a key
                ssh-keygen           # on an ssh 1 system
                ssh-keygen -t rsa1   # on most modern systems
and send it ( by default) to

See Converting from cvs and cvsh with rsh to ssh for details on how to use ssh to access a repository.

Please indicate that you want your principal or public key registered with D0CVS and who you are. There are lot's of things I could do with these. Most of them won't get you registered. My crystal ball also has been broken for some time now. So please help out.

NOTE: Neither kerberos principals nor ssh keys are machine dependent. They authenticate you. There is a separate authentication that happens for your machine that you don't see.

Alan Jonckheere
Last modified: Thu Oct 5 10:31:15 CDT 2006