DØ Run II Event Data Model

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This group is charged with specifying and designing the Event class relationships and access methods for Run II reconstruction.


  1. Understand the requirements on Event class interface in OO program.
  2. Understand the interface of the Event class to the persistency mechanism.

Chair: Qizhong Li

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Event Data Model tutorial

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Event Data Model Documentation

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Report from consultants

Reports and example code from Lakos and Edwards (C++ Large Scale Programing experts) Blue Bar

The D0 Event model for Run II (talk at D0 workshop 1997)

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Since edm is already released and reviewed, we don't have regular meetings for edm anymore. The discussion about edm may insert into frameworks meetings, when there is a need.

Old "Meeting Schedules:"

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Proposals on run II data models

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Discussions on model converging

General Discussions on the requirements for run II event model

Level 3 group's view on Data Model

Framework group's view on Data Model

presentation from Gordon/Scott

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