Welcome to DØ !


With the webpage "Easy To DØ" we want to give a guideline to the very beginners at the DØ experiment in order to make orientation easier and to help to get familiar with our collaboration / organization. This means providing help on technical items like getting accounts, collecting tips on aspects of social life and picking out relevant information from the overwhelming DØ / Fermilab web offer for you. We hope at least to encourage you to deal easily with DØ.

Please send any comments on this webpage to the webmaster (magass@fnal.gov).


Here you can find some links to introducing aspects on DØ / Fermilab (e.g. Virtual Tour, Streaming Videos).

First Steps

Before starting to work on your analysis (this means for example using the computing system and internal web pages) you first need to do some more or less technical things. Within this page we give a step-by-step explanation to the very beginners. To follow the instructions you DO NOT NEED to be at Fermilab in person.

Coming to Fermilab

In the first part of this page we have collected relevant information for newcomers. You can find an introduction to life at and around Fermilab, covering items like visa and Social Security Number, housing and health insurance, money, banking and taxes, cars and driver's license. In the second part of this page you can find also some additional (mostly) DØ-specific information, like numbers and addresses, office space, printer queues and administrative support.  


About 650 scientists are working in the DØ collaboration. There are many boards, divisions and subdivisions for different tasks in our collaboration. On this page you can get an overview of the organization structure of DØ.

Getting Information

At Fermilab / DØ you have access to many sources of information - at different levels (e.g. mailing lists, daily meetings). That's why we give you a summary of the available sources in this section.


Links to lists of abbreviations, technical terms and accelerator states.