Getting information


To be 'up to date' is essential for all scientists, but especially for those working in a huge collaboration - wether being 'on site' or remotely. At Fermilab / DØ there are many sources of information - at different levels. 
In this section we give you a summary, from common Fermilab and DØ news (Fermilab - general and DØ - general) up to mailing lists and meeting agendas (DØ - inside), physics results (DØ - Notes, Talks and Presentations) and detector status information (DØ - Detector and Tevatron Status Information).


Fermilab - general

Symmetry is a joint Fermilab/SLAC publication (CERN publishes a similar magazine called Cern Courier):
The daily newsletter Fermilab Today, which you can get via email (subscribe), informs you about announcements, actual events/talks, menu at Wilson Hall Cafe, . . .
Every Thursday, a new Fermilab Result of the Week appears in Fermilab Today. The Results of the Week highlight science from Fermilab experiments:
Fermilab mainpage => Fermilab Now => Fermilab Today.
Fermilab mainpage => Fermilab Now => Result of the Week Archive.
Physics Lectures and Seminars (NALCAL, Colloquium, . . .):
Fermilab mainpage => For Physicists => Physics Lectures/Streaming Videos.
Other lectures and talks are organized by the Tevatron University:
A Fermilab wide Telephone Directory can be found at:
Fermilab mainpage => Contacting Fermilab => Phone Directory and Yellow Pages.
A map of Fermilab Village is located here:
Housing Office => Village Map & Fotos => Village Map (pdf).
You can have a look at the Prodecures for Experimenters (FNAL wide) at:

DØ - general

There are actual four folders with news about Computing/Software, General, Jobs and Meetings/Events on the DØ News webpage. This page can easily be accessed via:
DØ mainpage => DØ at Work => General => DØ News.
You can find maps of the DØ Office Space at:
DØ mainpage => DØ at Work => Collaboration => Office Maps.
All DØ members are added to the WhoDØ list by default (see DØ Account Request Form and First Steps). Here you can search and modify DØ personnel and institution information:
DØ mainpage => DØ Collaboration => WhoDØ
Even on a Clued0 machine you can get this information:
setup whod0
whod0 magass
>  Carsten MAGASS
>                               (630) 840 5439 (DAB5) +49 241 80 27286 (RWTH)
>                               (630) 848 1059 (home)
A Calendar with DØ specific events can be found at:
DØ mainpage => DØ at Work => General => DØ Calendar.
You can Search inside DØ at:
DØ mainpage => DØ at Work => Useful Links => DØ Search.
The DØ Graduate Students Page is located at:

DØ - inside

A DØ Wiki is available at :  

DØ mainpage => DØ at work => General => DØ Wiki

Nearly every day lots of meetings take place. The daily meeting agenda can be found at:
DØ mainpage => DØ at Work => General => Daily Meetings.
Even if you are NOT at Fermilab in person, you can participate in the different meetings via video conference. You will find instructions on connecting, phone numbers, IP addresses, . . . on the following webpage:
DØ mainpage => DØ at Work => General => Video Conferencing.
Some recommendations on video conferencing are given here (pdf).
Locations of the different meeting rooms are listed at Coming to Fermilab => Conference Rooms.
(Nearly) all talks from all meetings can be found on the Agenda Server:
DØ mainpage => DØ at Work => General => DØ Agenda Server.
To modify the talk name or to upload/update your talk you need to login. Click on 'Modify' (menu bar on top) and enter password for this meeting. If you do not know this password, please contact the people responsible for this meeting (listed in 'Chair', e.g. group convener). 
You can directly access the agenda of the daily meetings via:
DØ mainpage => DØ at Work => General => Agenda Server Overview.
One main source of information are the mailing lists at FNAL / DØ covering more than 600 different topics. The mainpage called 'LISTSERV' is located at:
LISTSERV at Fermilab.
In order to subscribe to a mailing list, you first have to register:
(1)  Go to Register Page.
(2)  Fill in your email address and a password (twice), then click on the 'Register' button.
(3)  You will get an email. To activate the LISTSERV account just follow the link attached.
(4)  Read the Instructions for List Users (how to subscribe/unsubscribe . . .).

It is possible, that the question/problem you want to discuss might have been occured before. To avoid repetitions please make use of the option 'Search the archives'. 

Please note that the following sets of mailing lists are NOT complete!

Here are some common mailing lists:
d0rug (DØ Release Users Group): Questions of common interest (how to . . . ?), information about package changes, server downtimes, . . . 
clued0 (you are automatically subscribed to this mailing list, see DØ Account Request Form and First Steps): questions and news about Clued0 cluster.
sam-users: questions and news about data handling system SAM.
d0notes-notify: automatic notification when a new DØ Note is published (see DØ Notes).
Some Object ID / Algorithm mailing lists:
d0_global_tracking: Tracking / vertexing mailing list.
d0calgo: Calorimetry mailing list; questions and news about calorimeter software, algorithms and related object ID subgroups.
d0emid: EMID (Electron and Photon Identification) mailing list.
d0_muon_id: Muon ID mailing list.
d0jetmet: Jets and Missing Et mailing list.
d0tauid: Tau ID mailing list.
D0-JETSCALE: Jet Energy Scale mailing list.
d0luminosity: Luminosity mailing list.
d0_b_id and d0_b_id_work: Heavy Flavour ID mailing list.
Some Physics groups mailing lists:
D0-bPhys: b-Physics mailing list.
D0-Electroweak: Electroweak mailing list.
D0-Higgs: Higgs mailing list.
D0-NP: New Phenomena mailing list.
D0_Run2_top: Top Physics mailing list.
d0_run2_qcd: QCD mailing list.
Some Shifter's mailing lists:
D0shifters, D0shiftsummary, D0operations, D0daqshifters, D0captain
Internal Documents of common interest (DØ Goals for 2004, Director's Notes, Notes from Fermilab Physics Advisory Committee [PAC]. . .) are located at:
DØ mainpage => DØ at Work => Internal Docs.


By the way:

Special meetings, workshops or other actual topics (Collaboration Meeting, Spokesperson Election, . . .) are announced at the top of the DØ at Work page:
DØ mainpage => DØ at Work.

DØ - Notes, Talks and Presentations

For a closer look please visit our DØ Physics page at :  

DØ mainpage => DØ at work => Physics

Analysis notes for internal use are published as DØ Notes. You can search for notes, post a note, . . . at:
DØ mainpage => DØ at Work => General => DØ Notes.
You can also receive an automatic notification when a new DØ Note is published ('d0notes-notify' mailing list, see above).
Analyses which are going to be published can be found on the Editorial Board pages:
DØ mainpage => DØ at Work => Physics => Run I Editorial Boards and
DØ mainpage => DØ at Work => Physics => Run II Editorial Boards.
Our Published Results are listed at:
DØ mainpage => DØ at Work => Physics => Latest Run II Results.
Run I Results and Plain English Summaries are linked there, too.
Recent Talks from DØ people at Conferences / Workshops are also accessible at:
DØ mainpage => DØ at Work => General => Speakers Bureau

DØ - Detector and Tevatron Status

For a closer look please visit our DØ Detector page at :  

DØ mainpage => DØ at work => Detector

DAQ (= Data Acquisition) rates (luminosity, trigger rates) for current store:
DØ mainpage => DØ at Work => Trigger => Current DAQ Rates.
You can observe the Tevatron Status, Luminosity Charts and Live Events (with explanations) at the following webpages:
DØ mainpage => DØ at Work => Detector => Accelerator Status,
Fermilab mainpage => Fermilab Now => Tevatron Luminosity Charts,
DØ mainpage => Detector => Live Events
You can have a look at the Online Logbook at:
DØ mainpage => Detector => Online Logbook
The daily Shift Calendar is located at:
DØ mainpage => Detector => Online Shift Calendar