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This packet contains information that we hope you will find useful.  If you have additional questions or need assistance, please see a member of the Administrative Support Group.

We have included:

                        General information

                        List of the administrative support personnel

New Person Information form*


*Completion of these forms is mandatory.  Please fill them out as soon as possible and return to

Terry Erickson, (DAB- 6 x4487)


General Information


Below are some useful web pages.



D0 Web Page:            Our primary location for documentation is located on the web.  http://www-d0.fnal.gov/



D0 Computer Account Application:      http://www-d0.fnal.gov/computing/systems/comp_acc_sec.html

FNAL Computer Account Application:        http://www.fnal.gov/cd/main/accounts.html

Use for FNAL IMAP mail accounts only. For everything else, use the D0 Form above.


D0News:                   D0_NEWS is a network bulletin board for the D0 World.



WhoD0:                     This is the D0 phone list.     http://www-d0.fnal.gov/cgi-bin/whod0


D0 Meeting Room Calendar and Daily Schedule:




D0 Office Map: http://d0server1.fnal.gov/users/lipton/www/spacefiles/d0_office_space.html


D0 Department and Project Upgrade Organizational Chart:

http://d0server1.fnal.gov/Projects/UpgradeProject/organization/Organization_d0_public.pdf  and http://d0server1.fnal.gov/Projects/UpgradeProject/organization/upgrade_org_nov99_public.pdf


The D0 Upgrade: The Detector and Its Physics D0 Pub-96/357-E:                   



New Results from D0:  1999 Summer Conferences:



Physics Highlights from Run I:


Fermilab Telephone Directory:      http://www-tele.fnal.gov/telephone/


Unix at Fermilab:      http://www.fnal.gov/docs/UNIX/unix_at_fermilab/welcome.html


Graduate Students' Association:      http://www.fnal.gov/orgs/gsa/


D0 Graduate Students page:



Tevatron University:      http://www.fnal.gov/orgs/utev/




D0 Phone numbers:            (630) 840 - 2817, 2818, & 2819


D0 Fax Machines:            DAB 6th Floor              (630) 840-8481

                                                DAB 5th Floor            (630) 840-6650

Trailer 177                         (630) 840-8886


Paging:         On-Site laboratory pagers - dial 72, then after the tone dial the 4 digit page number.  After the second tone, leave a message (repeat it twice) and hang up.


Long Distance Pagers - dial the phone number listed.  After 3 beeps, dial the number you want the person to call, press #, wait for confirming beeps and then busy tone.  You may now hang up.


D0 Paging - You can access the D0 Paging system by dialing x4674 from any extension at the lab.  Just dial the number, wait for the beep and speak very loudly into the phone.  This intercom system can be heard anywhere at D0.


Users Office:                        Extension 3111


Housing Office:                        Extension 3776


ID Office:                        Extension 4506 (FNAL IDs and gate passes)


Fermilab TAXI:                        Extension 4225 on site travels only




Mailing Address:                   Fermilab

P.O. Box 500

                                    Batavia, IL  60510-0500

(Include your mail station -- MS 352 for trailers; MS 357 for D0 Assembly Building)


Shipping Address:            Fermilab

                                                Receiving Department Wilson Road                     

Batavia, IL  60510-0500

                                                (Include your mail station and D0 Assy. Bldg.)


Overnight Shipments:            All overnight shipments are delivered to the third floor high-bay receiving racks.  If you are missing a package contact the Receiving Department ext 3575.


Conference Rooms


Trailer 151

Video Conferences available

35 people

Hurricane Deck


Video Conferences available

50 people


Trailer 151

Video Conferences available

15 people

Salle des Heros

Trailer 177

Video Conferences available

10 people



To request a meeting room fill out the following form






6TH Floor            DAB6_HP8000                        Single sided copies
DAB6_HP8000_D                        Double sided copies
DAB6_COLOR_POST             Paper copies
DAB6_COLOR_TRANS            Transparencies

5th Floor            DAB5_HP8000                        Single sided copies
DAB5_HP8000_D                        Double sided copies
DAB5_COLOR_POST             Paper copies
DAB5_COLOR_TRANS            Transparencies


1st Floor            DAB1_HP8000                        Single sided copies
DAB1_HP8000_D                        Double sided copies
DAB1_COLOR_POST             Paper copies
DAB1_COLOR_TRANS            Transparencies


D0 Trailer City

Trailer 177            D0TCE_HP8000                         Single sided copies
D0TCE_HP8000_D                        Double sided copies
D0TCE_COLOR_POST             Paper copies
D0TCE_COLOR_TRANS            Transparencies

Trailer 151            D0TCW_HP8000                         Single sided copies
D0TCW_HP8000_D            Double sided copies
D0TCW_COLOR_POST             Paper copies
D0TCW_COLOR_TRANS            Transparencies

Trailer 153            D0TCN_HP8000                         Single sided copies
D0TCN_HP8000_D                        Double sided copies
D0TCN_COLOR_POST             Paper copies
D0TCN_COLOR_TRANS            Transparencies


PC Print Queues


PC Print Queues are located on D0 Server 3


More General Information


D0 Trailer City


Refrigerators & microwaves are located in all trailers. 

Washrooms are located in all trailers except Trailer 158.


Trailer 151 (West Trailer)

            Emergency Floor Wardens - Bruce Knuteson and Tom Marshall

D0 Notes after number 500



Trailer 158 (behind D0 Assembly Building)

            Emergency Floor Wardens - Wayne Schmitt and Pete Simon

            Pete Simon's office (Building Manager)

            Wayne Schmitt's office


Trailer 173 (North Trailer)

            Emergency Floor Wardens - Christina Herbert and Freedy Nang



Trailer 177 (East Trailer)

            Emergency Floor Wardens - Rick Hance and Sonya Wright

Sonya Wright's office

Supply cabinets

Forms drawer



D-Zero Assembly Building


1st Floor

            Emergency Shelter

            Emergency Floor Wardens - Pete Simon and Delmar Miller

D0 Control room

            Refrigerator & Microwave


2nd Floor

            Emergency Shelter

            Emergency Floor Wardens - Kerry Potter and Brent Anderson


3rd Floor

Emergency Floor Wardens - Johnny Green, Pat Liston, Ben Abraham, Johnny Geralds, Delmar Miller and Pete Simon


Vending machines

Outgoing mailbox

Recycling center

Receiving drop-off & pick-up point

D0 Notes numbers 1 - 500

Refrigerator & Microwave


4th Floor

Lobby (main entrance)


5th Floor

            Emergency Floor Wardens - Alan Jonckheere and Gary Trotter

Engineering Notes


Supply cabinets

Forms drawer

Refrigerator & Microwave


6th floor:

            Emergency Floor Wardens - Terry Erickson and Amber Boehnlein

Terry Erickson's office


Supply cabinet

Forms drawer

Refrigerator & Microwave


Administrative Support


Terry Erickson - Administrative Assistant

                        Phone extension:                   4487

                        Location:                               D0 Assembly Building 6th floor

                        E-Mail:                            terickson@fnal.gov


Contact for administrative questions/policies, visitor's program/visa's, and travel.


Sonya Wright

                        Phone extension:                   4591

                        Location:                               Trailer 177 (office 16) around the 2nd corner to                                                                                             the right

                        E-Mail:                            sonya@fnal.gov


Contact for Purchase requisitions, short order forms, property passes.



New Person Information










Fermilab ID #



University Affiliation:___






Anticipated length of stay at Fermilab:_





E-mail address:___



Fermilab phone extension:__


Do you need an individual mailbox at D0?          Yes____       No________