Speakers' Bureau Purpose and Procedures


The DØ SPEAKERS' BUREAU looks after the the collaboration's needs in matching people to talks. The Speakers' Bureau secures allocation of talks to DØ by interaction with Conference Organizers.

The Speakers' Bureau has meetings approximately once a month, or as needed to nominate speakers for conference and workshop talks. In between meetings, selections are made by e-mail. Seminars and colloquia are in general not arranged by the Speakers' Bureau. Exceptions to this are:

  • the Fermilab Wine and Cheese Seminars, which are where DØ results are usually first presented to the high energy community
  • seminars at major laboratories, e.g. CERN, SLAC, Argonne.


The Physics Group Convenors and Instrumentation Advisors make recommendations to the DØ Speakers' Bureau for speakers on various topics.

A volunteer for a talk should send their name and topic(s) of interest to a convenor or advisor of the appropriate group. They should mention any special circumstances which increase urgency for giving a talk (such as job-hunting or promotion) and a time scale for when the talk is needed. Graduate students should give the expected date of thesis completion. This information can also be sent directly to the chair of the SB.

In general, no DØ collaborator will be asked to give more than one talk per calendar year. If a collaborator is interested in giving a talk at a particular conference, that preference should be conveyed to the appropriate physics convener, algorithm or I.D. Group convener, or Instrumentaion advisor. Once a collaborator has accepted an invitation to a conference, they will in general not be asked to give a talk at another conference during that calendar year. Of course, exceptions are occasionally made to this general policy.

DØ speakers are selected based on the following criteria (which are not listed in order of importance):

  • Depth of contribution to topic.
  • Need for talk for promotion/job hunting
  • Desire to talk/ previous talk history
  • Institutional distribution
  • Deservedness (history of hard work)
  • Recommendation of appropriate physics convenors or hardware/software advisors

For major conferences where abstracts and/or conference proceedings are required, a member of DØ will be appointed by the spokesperson to see that the abstracts and/or papers are written in a timely manner, and to coordinate the submission of the DØ abstracts to the conference.

Lists of future conferences of interest to DØ, and assigned DØ conferences Speakers/conf/talk titles/dates both past and near future are available to the collaboration from the database linked from the main SB web page.

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