Paper Preparation and Submission


  1. The DØ Collaboration defines the two author lists as:

    • General physics papers submitted before the conference as information for rapporteurs' talks should have The DØ Collaboration as the author.
    • Conference proceeding papers should have speaker as the author with For the DØ Collaboration as a footnote.

  2. Paper should be made into a DØ Conference Note and a Fermilab Preprint. Examples of such preprints are found here. Because we in the Speakers' Bureau are so nice, you can download a Latex template of a paper.

  3. A copy of the paper should be submitted to The Speakers' Bureau Chair and/or Mike Strauss.


Conference paper should have the approval of the appropriate physics convenor, physics coordinator (for general physics papers), or instrumentation advisors.


For major conferences in which we expect to give numerous presentations, the spokespersons will appoint a DØ laison to collect and submit papers.

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