Policy on DØ Talks at Meetings

There are 6 classes of talks by DØ speakers:

  1. Fermilab Joint Experiment - Theory Seminar
    Special attention is given to the Fermilab Joint Experiment - Theory Seminar (vulgo "Fermilab Wine and Cheese Seminar"), which is special because that is where new DØ results are presented to the general physics community. Based on suggestions from the physics group conveneres, the Physics Coordinators propose speaker candidates to the SB which advises and approves speaker choices.

  2. Other HEP Seminars and Colloquia:
    Seminars and colloquia given at universities are not under the purview of the Speakers' Bureau, but HEP seminars at major laboratories (e.g. CERN, SLAC, Argonne) are subject to SB discussion and approval. Only results approved by the Physics groups should be shown in these talks.

  3. Talks at Regional DPF meetings and Regional Workshops:
    These talks are usually arranged and attended by people in the geographical region. The DØ Speakers' Bureau should be notified about these talks as soon as possible and reserves the right to refuse approval of particular topics or speakers. The appropriate Physics Group should also be notified about the talk, so they can guide the preparation if necessary. These talks will be listed in the overall tallies.

  4. Talks at APS meetings:
    These talks are usually initiated by the prospective speaker based on his/her own work. Speakers and contributed abstracts should be approved by the Physics convenors or Instrumentation heads BEFORE being submitted. The DØ spokespersons usually appoint someone to collect the abstracts, check them for correct format, and submit them to APS. APS contributed talks will be listed in the overall tallies, but will not count when future talks are assigned.

  5. Talks at Conferences and Workshops:
    • Talks that need contributed abstracts:
      These talks are often initiated by the prospective speaker based on his/her own work. Such abstracts should be approved by the Physics convenors or Instrumentation heads, and the speaker and subject approved by the Speakers' Bureau BEFORE being submitted to the conference.
    • DØ results talks and DØ/CDF results talks given by DØ Speakers on particular physics topics, instrumentation topics, or general DØ physics results:
      The results presented in these talks must have been approved by the appropriate Editoral Board(s). Usually the Speakers' Bureau arranges such talks and selects the speakers based on their own knowledge and recommendations of the appropriate Physics Group convenors or Instrumentation Advisors. These speakers are put to a vote by the Speakers' Bureau members, either in a meeting, or by E-MAIL. Occasionally the speaker is selected by the organizers, arranged by the proposed speaker, or selected by the DØ Spokespersons as being the best choice for the talk. These speakers are submitted for a "Stamp of Approval" to the Speakers' Bureau members. Objections can be raised if a member sees a problem with the choice.

  6. General Review/Future Talks. These talks include a large fraction of results from non-Tevatron experiments, or future experiments, or future physics and general discussion as well as some DØ/CDF physics results and/or DØ instrumentation results. The DØ Speakers' Bureau would like to be informed about such talks before they occur. General review talks at major international confereces such as DPF and ICHEP (Rochester series) are chosen by the conference organizers and do not come under the purview of the Speakers' Bureau.

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