The Jet Energy Scale Group

Group Leader: V.Daniel Elvira

Meeting Time: we used to meet every week in the past. Now we handle Run I energy
scale issues in the KT group meetings and individual discussions.
The aim of the group was to develop a method to perform the absolute jet energy calibration to a high degree of accuracy for Run I (1992-1995). It was primarily based on physics principles using collider data, given the lack of a central tracking magnetic device in the Run I D0 detector. The group has produced a number of publications, conference proceedings and notes.

Minutes of the weekly meetings (1996-1997) are available. You can also read the
minutes of the KT jet meetings for KT information. A graphic description of the energy scale analysis is available at the bottom of this page.


Jet Energy Scale Correction for jets reconstructed with the fixed cone algorithm and center-of-mass energies of 1800 and 630 GeV (cafix5.1):

Improvements in the showering correction using a plate level Monte Carlo simulation (cafix5.2): Jet Energy Scale Correction for jets reconstructed with the KT algorithm: Method to test of any jet energy correction using collider data (to within 1-3%):

V.Daniel Elvira

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