Acronym Glossary

ADB - Amplifier-Discriminator Board
BC - Bunch Crossing
CB - Control Board
PDT readout controller; also PCB
CF - Central Fe
central region of muon system
CFT - Central Fiber Tracker
CMSC - Central Muon SCintillator
CMxxx - Central Muon MRC crates:
DSP - Digital Signal Processor
EF - End Fe
forward regions of muon system
EFN - End Fe North
north forward region of muon system
EFS - End Fe South
south forward region of muon system
FAMUS - Forward Angle MUon System
FE - Front End card or board
FEB - Front End Board
PDT front ends; also PFEB
FEC - Front End Card
FMxx - Forward MUon MRC crate
FMSC - Forward Muon SCintillator
GS - Geographic Section
corresponds to 1 MRC crate
L1 - Level 1 trigger
L2 - Level 2 trigger
L3 - Level 3 trigger
MCCM - MCEN Crate Manager
MCEN - Muon CENtroid
often also used to mean Muon Centroid card; sometimes shortened to MC
MCH - Moveable Counting House
MCxx - MCEN crates:
MDC - MDT Digitizing Card
MDT front end card
MDRC - MDT Readout Controller
1 per crate of MDC's
MDT - Mini Drift Tube
MFC - Muon Fanout Card
fans out TFW signals to FE crates
MFIO - Muon Fan-In/Out Card
fans in signals from SFE's and MDT's; fans them out to MTCxx cards
MRC - Muon Readout Card
same type of card receives data from all systems (PDT, MDT, scintillator)
MSxxx - Muon Scintillator front end crates:
MTC05 - Muon Trigger Card
L1 card for scintillator and CFT tracks; same card type for central or forward
MTC10 - Muon Trigger Card
L1 card for scintillator and either PDT's or MDT's; same card type for central or forward
MTCx - L1 Muon Trigger Crates:
MTCM - Muon Trigger Crate Manager
L1 component; 1 MTCM per MTCxx crate
MTCxx - Muon Trigger Card
L1 trigger card, either MTC05 or MTC10
MTM - Muon Trigger Manager
L1 component; only 1 MTM in whole system
MUTR - MUon TRigger MRC crate
L1 MRC crate
PCB - PDT Control Board
PDT - Proportional Drift Tube
PFEB - PDT Front End Board
SCL - Serial Command Link
SCRC - SCintillator Readout Controller
also called SRC; same central and forward
SFE - Scintillator Front-End card
same central and forward
SMD - Surface Mount Device
or Surface Mount Design; alternative to solid-state design for MDC ADB's
SRC - Scintillator Readout Controller
also called SCRC; same central and forward
TF - Trigger Framework
also called TFW
TFW - Trigger FrameWork
also called TF
TMC - Time Memory Chip
VBD - VME Buffer/Driver
reads out MRC crate
VI - Vertical Interconnect
WAMUS - Wide Angle MUon System

created: 1996.12.03 revised: 1996.12.04