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General Online Runs / Triggering / Database Information Infrastructure:

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D0 Database General A summary of the relationships between elements of the Run Summary, Luminosity, Trigger and SAM Database applications can be found here: Each of these systems play a unique and critical role in the D0 Run II data taking, data handling and data analysis infrastructure.

Database Applications:

Other documentation may be found in the cvs directories where the code for the components of the individual applications reside.
ApplicationLinks / Description
Trigger Elizabeth's Trigger Working Page
contains information and links to TDB Oracle tables, views, web Entry, Report and misweb clients, command line interfaces, xmlgen (the trigger configuration generator), Status reports, Trigger Database Project Plan, Trigger Database Review, and other related documentation.
Run Summary (RunS) Query the Run Summary Database:
Online (public) | Online (on site) | Offline

These interfaces allow dynamic queries of the online or offline Run Summary Database instances.
Additional queries allow users to select specific run records to get information on
  • Level 1 prescales
  • L1, L2, L3 Trigger Bit to Name assignments
  • Level 1 Framework (AND/OR) Bit to Name assignments -
  • magnet settings
  • ... and much much more ... for ANY Runs taken online during D0's Run 2.

    More information about the Run Summary Database

  • Run Summary Database description (tables and columns)
  • Run, Build, and Edit MISWEB queries
  • Special MISWEB queries
  • Links to other related documentation
  • Speaker's Bureau
  • Speakers Bureau documentation Index
  • SBDB Application General Description
  • Speakers Bureau Home Page
  • Speaker's Bureau Web Report Interface
  • Calibration
  • Taka's Calibration Overview
  • Elizabeth's specific notes on Muon PDT Calibration (work with Linda Stutte):
    muon_PDT_calibration_db cvs package
  • Elizabeth's MISWEB interface to the Muon PDT Database Tables:
    muon_PDT_MISWEB.html in cvs --- (EG's development version)
  • Online Databases
  • August 2005 notes
  • Luminosity:
  • Luminosity ID Home Page
  • Luminosity Database Application -- describes all components of the Luminosity Offline Software ...
  • The Luminosity Database -- D0 Note 4915
    The above link contains a description of
    • the luminosity database schema
    • database definition language in cvs
    • descriptions of the database tables and columns, their relationships and data types
    • and links to database access methods in production and development
  • NEW - Dynamically generated Operations Reports:
  • OLD - Online File based Operations Reports:
  • Status Reports:

  • Oracle Designer

    Oracle Designer is an Oracle utility which helps database application developers design and implement database schemas and stores application entities in a central repository for future reference or schema evolution. Here are some notes on how to use Oracle Designer:
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