Elizabeth's Run 2A Trigger Working Page

Elizabeth was in charge of the Run 2A Trigger Database Project.
Questions about the Run 2B Trigger Database should be addressed to Jim Linnemann

Documentation, Proposals, Discussions and Other Important Links:

Elizabeth's General Working Page A collection of database application and online information infrastructure documentation and links
TDB Project Description
A description of the Run 2A Trigger Database Project and suggestions about what needs to be done for Run 2B.
TDB Schema Description
A description of all Run 2A Trigger Database application tables, columns, views, roles, triggers, and other details.
Understanding the Interfaces
TDB Help ! ! !
A description of the Run 2A Trigger Database Interfaces.
Trigger Database Interface(s) Some Links to Trigger List information:
Run 2A TDB Interface Examples
  • Run 2A TDB ENTRY Interface Examples
  • Run 2A TDB REPORT Interface Examples
  • CVS Database | Run2A | Command line | Run2B | xmlclient
    TM_howtodo.html Run 2A (old) Trigger Meister Instructions -- 2005
    Trigger Database Review Trigger Database Review -- May 2005
    XML - old documentation
  • XML_howto.html -- Anyone can make "XML" files (Generating Trigger Configuration xml)
  • Level 3 sim file notes -- an explanation of the Level 3 'sim' file.
  • XML file notes -- an explanation of some trigger configuration xml elements in the 'xml' file.
  • Trigger Database Rules Document a document in development intended to summarize what rules are enforced by the Trigger Database and where those restrictions come from.
    Test Queries Some example queries of the Runs, Trigger, Luminosity, SAM database tables
    Trigger - FAQs A collection of questions and answers about the trigger definitions, trigger and script names, trigger operation and prescales
    lmTrigger Notes Changes needed for Global Monitor lmTrigger Application
    Misc notes Instructions on running various programs (usually TMtools)
    A Proposal - Sep 29, 2001
    Discussion with L2
    Discussions about Trigger Configurations and Releases of L2 and L3 code.
    Trigger Emulation Design Group Amber Boehnlein, Dan Claes, Elizabeth Gallas(chair), Philippe Laurens, Jim Linnemann, Manuel Martin, Roger Moore, Kin Yip:
  • Charge
  • Preliminary presentation of Highlights of the Report - presented February 17, 2000
  • FINAL Report of the Trigger Emulation Design Group - D0 note 3726 - released March 3, 2000
  • Streaming Implementation Description The devil is in the details. Streaming affects Trigger, Run, Luminosity and SAM databases as well as Level 3, COOR, and Datalogger. Exclusive Streaming - creates book keeping nightmare. Round Robin Streaming - a more benign choice.

    Trigger Database Status Reports/Related Talks:

  • Database ER Diagram:
  • CVS Packages for the database, db_server client code, other interface code:
  • OLD: Trigger Database TO DO List
  • Previous Level 3 Trigger Database:

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