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Elizabeth Gallas, Applications Physicist
working on the DØ Experiment
at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
/ Computing Division
MS 357, POBox 500, Batavia, IL
(630) 840-8599

Elizabeth Gallas, Physicist
working on the ATLAS Experiment
at CERN for Oxford University
/ Particle Physics Group
Denys Wilkinson Building, Keble Road,
Oxford OX1 3RH United Kingdom

DØ Developments (1993 - 2006) ...

Online/System Configuration/Database Infrastructure Documentation


Jet Multiplicity Ratio "R32"- A study of multijet cross section ratios as a test of renormalization scale sensitivity of NLO QCD calculations (JETRAD). Jet Multiplicity Subgroup: Elizabeth Gallas, KiSuk Hahn, Jerry Blazey. This paper has been published:

Offline/Online SOFTWARE

MTC is a software package for Muon Tracking in the DØ Calorimeter,
containing utilities for:

Roles in the DØ Experiment

  • DØ Database Group
  • Trigger Meister during first collisions - May 2001 through September 2003 -- The TM is a primary contact for approval, optimization and implementation of trigger configurations to record data for the purpose of commissioning the detector and the recording of physics data.
  • Co-manager for D\O's Run II ICD (1996-1998)
  • Advisory Council Chair (1999)
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Review Panels:
  • Editorial Boards:

    Represented DØ and/or The Tevatron at


    Co-Manager of the Run II DØ Inter Cryostat Detector -- October 1995 to December 1998.
    The ICD is a component of the DØ calorimetry, a scintillating tile based detector enhancing coverage between the Central and End Cap LAr Cryostats.

    Physics (other than DØ)


    Link to the WEIRD

    News of the Weird - bizarre news stories collected by Chuck Shepherd and his weird friends and includes a link to get on his email distribution list.
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