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Fermilab Volleyball Winter League

Sergey Los has taken over the organization of the Fermilab Winter Volleyball League. Please see the
New Fermilab Volleyball Winter League web pages

or send Sergey an email if you would like further information.
The first 2006-2007 season game in Round 1 is on Nov. 13, 2006 at 5:30pm.

Disclaimer: This web page contains some pre-2006/2007 season history of the league.
It may contain information which is outdated for current league operation.

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First meeting The Captains and interested players are welcome to join others in the "Captains meeting" (generally 1 week before the first league game) at noon - Wilson Hall atrium/cafeteria.
Winter League Schedule The first round starts in October or November. A ROUND is a group of matches where each team plays each other team one time. The regular season (2 or 3 rounds) generally runs into April, ending [earlier/later] if there are [fewer/more] teams and/or [2 or 3] rounds respectively. There is a one night playoff generally the week after the last regular season games where all teams have a chance to win the playoff title. See the previous year's schedule as an example.
Cost A fee is collected per team per Round which covers the cost of the referee for that Round (this is about $1-$2 per game per player).
This fee is due the first night of the Round from each team captain. Cash is preferred but a personal check is also acceptable.
Monday night schedule One hour is allowed per match (3 games to 11 points). If there are 6 teams (for example), matches begin at 5:30, 6:30 and 7:30pm. If there are more than 8 teams, then we would play some games on friday nights, but this is very unlikely.
New teams New teams can be added to the schedule at each round (the schedule is not written until the week before each round starts to accommodate new teams and allow for some flexibility).

To establish a team in the winter league, you must submit a roster to the League representative and the Recreation Office: Sergey Los and Jean Guyer including:

  • Team Name
  • Captain Name
  • For each player:
    • FULL NAME ON THE PLAYER'S FERMILAB ID (email address optional)
If the captain fails to include a Team Name, the League Representative will invent one for you !
New Players New players are encouraged to attend open volleyball (see times below) to meet other players and improve their skills. This is the best way to find a team to participate in the league. You may also send the League Representative your name and email address - if there is enough interest, new teams may be formed as in the past.

New players can be officially added to a team's roster anytime during the regular season by the team captain by sending an email to the League Representative and Jean Guyer.

New players who are not on a team's roster may play with a team at any time during the regular season AS LONG AS THEY HAVE A GYM MEMBERSHIP AND THEY HAVE THE APPROVAL OF THE OPPOSING CAPTAIN.

Practice/OPEN and Reserved courts

Fermilab 'Open' Volleyball Weekly Schedule:

Anyone with a gym membership is welcome to participate in any of the OPEN VOLLEYBALL opportunites each week. A gym membership is required to enter the facility (in the FNAL village on Nequa). The number of people who attend varies greatly. Open volleyball is a nice opportunity to meet other players, form teams for the league, as well as improve your skills.
mondayafter league games are finished (9pm)
wednesday11 am - 1 pm
friday8 pm - 10 pm
saturday10 am - 12 pm

Reserved Games VS Open Games

  • The ground rules for 'Reserved Court Games' can be found here: Reserved Games VS Open Games.
    Thanks to the many people who contributed to this summary.
FNAL Volleyball League Rules Rules are enforced at the discretion of
  • league referee: Ed Orr
  • and the whim of the league representative Sergey Log

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